Zinédine Zidane was born on June 23, in Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France as Zinédine Yazid Zidane. He is an actor, known for Goal! The Dream. Zinedine Zidane is one of greatest all-time soccer players that the Read this biography to get info about his life, profile, childhood & timeline. Zinedine Zidane is one of the player who has won FIFA World cup, UEFA Champions League and Ballon d'Or. know more about his tactics & Titles.


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At that time, soccer experts zinedine zidane biography that Zidane was emotionally unstable and used his headbutt against his opponents which later brought many problems. Because of this, Zidane was not the candidate for French U and U teams.


Since that moment, Zidane began to enjoy glory. His list of achievements includes 2 victories in the Italian championship, Supercoppa Italiana and European Super Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and the title of the zinedine zidane biography soccer player in the world.

The championship brought France the victory zinedine zidane biography made Zidane the national hero.

His price increased significantly. The audience remembered the game for the conflict between Zidane and Marco Materazzi that ended with the famous headbutting and red card.

Samyak Tripathi Sep 13 Reports: Dey Sep 09 France '98 or Russia There, the young footballers got a uniform.

Zinédine Zidane - Biography - IMDb

Then they trained a little zinedine zidane biography had an opportunity to play plenty of football. In zinedine zidane biography year, already living in the hostel of the Mimon Center, he constantly played in youth teams and was engaged in various national teams.

Zinedine Zidane studied in a sports school and the club paid for his accommodation and meals.

Zinedine gradually passed all the steps from the juvenile to the French youth team. A weak head play and zinedine zidane biography bad manners on the football field were Zidane's main problems at that time. In he was transferred to Bordeaux, where he scored a career-high 10 goals in his first season with the team.

Two years later Zidane was named Best Young Footballer in France and made his debut in international competition with two goals in 17 zinedine zidane biography against the Czech Republic.


The following summer, however, he was transferred to the Juventus club in Italy, where zinedine zidane biography soon became as much of a favourite as he had been in France.

Juventus also reached the Champions League final in and Zidane, though, remained popular in Marseille, where he would return during his breaks from soccer.

He has remained very unassuming," longtime friend Richard Mendi told Jerome. Cup Victory Captivated Zinedine zidane biography In his first international game, Zidane entered as a substitute and scored both goals as the French tied the Czech Republic, France missed the World Cup final round inbut was building forzinedine zidane biography it would host the quadrennial event for the first time in 60 years.


Zidane, however, was suspended for two games for scraping his cleats against the back of Saudi captain Fuad Amin. He missed his country's one-goal victories over Denmark and Paraguay but returned to score a penalty zinedine zidane biography during a shootout in which France outlasted Italy to reach the semifinals.

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