Join YOUNG LIFE Youth, students in Grade , as we play gym games, board games and video games! Young Life GAMES. 2-by-4 Sky Diving. Two guys hold a 2x6x4 board. Blindfolded girl gets on board, and guys lift it 2 inches off ground. Person in front of girl. Pub Theology presents The Hunger Games, featuring Young Life HSE. Join Pub Theology, Million Meal Movement and Young Life HSE on.


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Newsletter — North Dallas Area Young Life

From the young life games transition that happened in year one to knowing over kids and constantly meeting new ones in year two, we have witnessed that God is on the move through WyldLife and Young Life at Greenhill.

Before young life games third year began, Luis and I welcomed our first daughter, Nora, into the world. I felt confident to continue working after having her and to finish out my three-year commitment.

It was during this year that I realized just how challenging it would be to balance staff and motherhood, though I loved both.

His grace has allowed me to freely do the best I can. Young life games year of ministry has been a lesson of self-care and the continual strengthening of faith. All the work Rayburn put in paid off when Adams and a few friends accepted the Christian faith.

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Rayburn knew that a Christian college was what these young life games men needed, so he told them they needed to go to Whitworth. Next thing I knew, I was at Whitworth living in a room with two guys from Dallas.

Transitions: The Journey

Adams found himself busy with school and sports, but he still found time for ministry. Friday was a fairly young life games day for us at Whitworth, so it worked out well," Adams says. Whitworth President Frank Warren consistently checked up on Adams and the "boys from Texas" to see how they were doing and to provide encouragement.

Warren was such a class act. Most of us were pretty rough characters, and he was great with us," Adams says. Warren's words of young life games and encouragement helped keep the young men motivated and moving in the right direction. The Young Life programs in these areas are now four times that size.

There are four full-time area directors in Spokane and Spokane Valley and more than 20 schools with young life games, says McMurray. McMurray's success in this region has been partly due to the 10 years he has spent leading Young Life in Spokane.

North Dallas Area Young Life

And plenty of time to just hangout with your old and new friends. To get a small idea of part of Young Life, young life games our video from summer camp below. However, Young Life is one of those things that is hard to explain: Where are my friends?


Crank up the music. It roars and the kids love it. At the end of Clubble, somehow it has evolved into a Gallagher-style Smash-a-thon warning: A strong, young life games hammer is important.

Games – YLHelp: Help for Young Life Leaders

We usually dress young life games a strong guy for the deed. The beauty of doing this in the bubble is there is nowhere to run. Here are some items we have used for smashing: See the picture from last month.