Contact Axiom Test Equipment to get a quote on renting or buying the Yokogawa WT More information on our site. The WT offers innovative measurement functions for testing product efficiency and the design of inverters, motor drives, lighting systems, uninterpretable. Test Equipment Solutions Ltd specialise in the second user sale, rental and distribution of quality test & measurement (T&M) equipment. We stock all major.


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Yokogawa wt1800 frequency of the PLL source is in the range of 0. Window FFT data length data update rate is 50 ms, ms, or ms data update rate is m, 1 s, 2 s, 5 s, 10 s, or 20 s Display—- 8. Yokogawa wt1800 the size of each harmonic in a bar graph Dual Vector: Displays trends in numerical data of the measurement functions in a sequential line graph.


Number of measurement channels: Up to 16 parameters Waveform: Max VA when using printer Operating Temperature: Approximately W x H x D yokogawa wt1800 including printer cover; does not include knobs yokogawa wt1800 projections Weight: The range can easily be switched using the up and down arrows.

WT item pages used to set display preferences.

The WT has nine numeric item pages for displaying measurement values. Once you set the measurement parameters you want displayed on a particular item page, you can easily switch between entire groups of yokogawa wt1800 parameters. A Wide Variety of Display Formats Ranging from Numerical, Dual harmonic measurement, Simultaneous two vector display, Trend, combination display of Information and customizable screen display Dual Harmonic optional Dual Vector Simultaneous two vector displays Waveform Support for 6 split screen displays Trend Capture efficiency changes visually Setting information Combination display of Information and Numerical screens Custom Customize display screen [Image] Wide range of standard yokogawa wt1800 — The WT is equipped with an array yokogawa wt1800 sophisticated functions for precise and simultaneous measurements of the power conversion efficiency of instrument, as well as, equipment evaluation efficiency by making simultaneous power evaluations and tests easier and faster.

New Functions The advanced new functions provide greater measurement versatility by making power analysis measurements more efficient Two-channel external signal input is available for power and analog signal measurement option available in combination with the motor evaluation function Power measurements can be performed together with physical quantity data such as solar irradiance or wind power in wind generation [Image] Electrical angle measurement.

Yokogawa WT Precision Power Analyzer | Electro-Meters

A-phase, B-phase, and Z-phase inputs option available in combination with external signal input. Pulse or analog signals can be input for rotation speed and torque signal measurements. For example, a trigger can yokogawa wt1800 set for measured values that fall out of the power value range from 99 W to W and only data that yokogawa wt1800 the trigger condition can be stored, printed, or saved to a USB memory device Measurements High precision, wide-range, fast-sampling and simultaneous harmonic measurement Voltage and current frequency bandwidth 5 MHz -3 dB, typical Faster switching frequencies increasingly require measurements in a wider range.

The WT provides a voltage and current frequency bandwidth 5MHz capable of accurately capturing fast switching signals 0. The frequency lower limit has been reduced to 0.

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Normal Data measurementup to yokogawa wt1800 th harmonic order, can be measured and saved simultaneously. The data update rate can be selected from nine options from 50 ms yokogawa wt1800 20 s Update data rate in a 9 step selection from 50 ms to a rate 20 s for low-speed measurements.

Setting the update rate to suit the data acquisition interval ensures proper capture of saved phenomena data. It allows you to select a particular voltage and current input range effective measurement range. A new digital filter function yokogawa wt1800 it possible to remove unnecessary high frequency components superimposed on yokogawa wt1800.

A filter can be independently set for each input element.

A user-defined function yokogawa wt1800 it possible to calculate the Average active power within the integration period. This makes it possible to more accurately measure the power consumption of an intermittent oscillation control unit in which power fluctuates greatly.

Active power, current, apparent power, reactive power In addition to the active yokogawa wt1800 integration function WP and current integration function yokogawa wt1800 included in earlier models, the WT also has a new apparent power integration function WS and reactive power integration function WQ.

Average active power using user-defined settings Average active power can be calculated over an integration interval.