Yiannis Ritsos (Greek: Γιάννης Ρίτσος) is considered to be one of the five great Greek poets of the twentieth century, together with Konstantinos Kavafis. Yannis Ritsos is one the leading poets of Greece, also known as the Poet of Romiossyni. His life's work consists of poem collections and compositions. Yannis Ritsos, (born May 1, , Monemvasia, Greece—died Nov. 11, , Athens), popular Greek poet whose work was periodically banned for its left-wing.


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Ritsos, himself, was confined in a sanatorium for tuberculosis from — During the yannis ritsos year, he joined the Communist Party of Greece and faithfully served it until his death. Inhe first signed three poems with the alias Kostas Eleftheriou, published in Nea Grammata magazine and later in the same year, he yannis ritsos his landmark poem Epitaphios.

During Dekemvriana, his archive was destroyed and in he started authoring Romiossyni.

Yannis Ritsos

In he was arrested and imprisoned on the island of Limnos, before being transferred to Makronisos in Here, however quietly I walk through the mist of evening, whether in slippers or barefoot, there will be some sound: Outside, in the street, perhaps these steps are not heard — repentance, they say, wears wooden yannis ritsos — and if you look into this or that other mirror, behind the dust and the cracks, you discern — darkened and more fragmented — your face, your face, which all your life you sought only to keep clean and whole.

The lip of the glass gleams in the moonlight like a round razor — how can I lift it to my yannis ritsos I am already in a mood for similes — this at least is left yannis ritsos, reassuring me still that my wits are not failing.

But who can play this game to the end?

Yannis Ritsos | Poetry Foundation

And the bear gets up again and moves on yannis ritsos to her leash, her rings, her teeth, smiling with torn lips at the pennies the beautiful and unsuspecting children toss yannis ritsos precisely because unsuspecting and saying thank you. Because bears that have grown old can say only one thing: This house stifles me.


He began to explore the conquests of surrealism through the domain of dreams, surprising associations, explosions of images and symbols, a lyricism illustrative of yannis ritsos anguish of the poet, and both tender and bitter souvenirs.

These include a booklet of poems dedicated to the resistance leader Aris Yannis ritsoswritten immediately upon the latter's death on 16 June In he was arrested by the Papadopoulos dictatorship and sent to a prison camp in Gyaros ,later to Samos and finally Lemnos.

Featuring a Yannis Ritsos' poem. His books were banned until Inwhen army colonels staged a coup and took over Greece, Ritsos was again deported, then held under house arrest until His works were again banned.

Behind the door, a naked woman stands in front of a big mirror. yannis ritsos

You know and smile. As soon as you try to sing, your lips lose the shape yannis ritsos their smile. Your denial will, first of all, undo you.


And they are very strict about your every mistake.