This website is dedicated to the repair of broken Xbox ′s due to the common Red Ring of Death (RROD). I have successfully repaired several Xbox's with. But after years of heated gaming sessions, our trusty old Xbox overheated and stopped working altogether. Ah, the Red Ring of Death—the. 1. Replace, Reattach, and Reclamp the heat sinks on your Xbox Usually fixes a RRoD Xbox—also effective as a preventative measure. Designed by our savvy Teardown Techs. For a higher rate of success, use a Heat Gun to reflow the motherboard's solder joints.


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A small screwdriver or a nail should also work just fine. Do xbox rrod fix for all six tabs on each side plate. Each of these slots needs to be pushed in for the top and bottom covers to separate.

Once you have all 7 slots pushed in, go to the front of the Xbox and release the 3 tabs that hold the top and bottom covers together. The bottom cover of the XBox should xbox rrod fix be free to remove like a clamshell.

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If you have problems opening the case, you can purchase a special Xbox opening tool here. These are the xbox rrod fix that attach the top cover.

I always mark the six screw holes with a black magic marker.

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This makes it much easier when remembering which six holes to put the silver screws back in. Now that you have removed the silver screws, the top cover should now be free to remove. The thermal chute is xbox rrod fix in place by a tab on top of the cooling fans. Press on the tab and lift the thermal chute out.

Disconnect the cooling fan power cable from the motherboard. Lift on the metal tab above the cooling fans and pull the cooling fans out. Next, using the Torx T-8 bit to remove the three 3 black screws holding xbox rrod fix IR board.

Finally, pull the IR board out from the mainboard.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

When reassembling, make sure the arrow on the white plastic piece xbox rrod fix pointing up. Using the Torx T bit, Remove the nine 9 bronze screws from the bottom of the case.


All visible screws on the bottom should be removed at this point. Step 8 — Remove Mainboard Remove mainboard Lift the xbox rrod fix out from the case. Avoid working in carpeted areas because the mainboard is sensitive to static electricity.

On the back side of the mainboard, remove both X-Clamps by inserted a small headed screwdriver in between the screw the clamp. Gently pry the X-Clamps off, one post at a time.

It is very important to be careful during this step. The clamps may be frustrating to remove, but they will come off eventually. If you have lint, dust, or hair in your heatsinks, now is the time to blow it out.

Using an old credit card or a flat piece of xbox rrod fix is a good way to remove most of the remnant thermal compound from the heatsinks. To get it even cleaner, use cotton swaps and rubbing alcohol. Goo Gone works very well also. The heatsinks may need some scrubbing but try to get all of the old residue off.

Once again, this may take quite a few cotton swabs, but it is important get these as clean xbox rrod fix possible.