If you mean programming Windows API's in C++, my answer is “don't”. Microsoft has been making a royal mess of native Windows programming for the best part. Learn it the way we did it all those years ago with Charles Petzold's book, Programming Windows. A really good foundation of knowledge of  programming and running crystal on windows. In essence, MFC is a SDK interface, a library consisting in a set of classes that act as wrappers around portions of the Windows API, so that C++ programmers.


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Pros Java already has a large library full of useful utilities, and is a good starting windows programming from which one may learn windows programming languages. There's many well-tested Swing components that are ready to use, and tutorials online that give you good starting points for many common use cases.

Check out the JogAmp website, and try out their demos.


Java windows programming open-source, and does not restrict you to using a particular IDE or operating system!

Windows services A Windows service is a program that can windows programming in the background with little or no user interaction.

Windows Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

In UNIX these are called daemons. For more information, see Services.


You can use the Vcpkg package manager to conveniently install hundreds of third-party open-source libraries for Windows. The Microsoft windows programming include: An object-oriented framework for creating windows programming Windows programs—especially enterprise applications—that have rich user interfaces that feature buttons, list boxes, tree views, and other controls.

A powerful helper library for creating COM components. There is no guarantee that windows programming customer has the required dlls for your program.

Windows Programming/Microsoft Foundation Classes

They should but don't windows programming it always. Your customer will not be very happy if after installing your project some of his old software products begin hanging.


The wrapper classes were designed so to simplify some tasks and automates others. Because of those facts, however, a certain amount of fine-tunable control was lost from the raw Win32 API or excessive automation windows programming archived. Windows programming MFC has been recognized as having serious design flaws and inconsistencies and has not been actively maintained.

Get Started with Win32 and C++ | Microsoft Docs

Since most MFC classes derive from CObject using Multiple Inheritance windows programming be cause problems of ambiguity any reference to CObject member functions will have to be disambiguated.

Static member functions, including operator new and operator delete must also be disambiguated. The CObject does not have any member data, but does have some default windows programming. Simply changing the header files, unfortunately, is still not enough.

It will include all the rest of the necessary MFC header files.