For hybrid wind/solar systems, the Smart Off-Grid Solar Controller works with the Clear Blue Wind Module to manage systems powered by both solar panels and. Wind & solar Hybrid Controller. Operating Instruction Manual. Before use,please read this manual. Thanks for selecting our company provide the wind and PV. Super-intelligent wind/solar hybrid controller is a new type of special high performance control device for new energy application which is designed on the basis.


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Super intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller

Users can browse the parameters through the four keys of LCD. The controller is equipped with dedicated remote monitoring software.

The software can monitor system status in real-time, such as battery voltage, wind turbine voltage, solar battery voltage, battery wind solar hybrid controller current, wind turbine charging current, solar charging current, battery charging power, solar charging power, wind turbine charging power, fan speed and so on.

The low-voltage charging module enables the wind turbine to charge the battery with constant input impedance under low-voltage charging status, namely, the charging current is proportional to charging voltage.

Fortunately, this missing puzzle has wind solar hybrid controller found.

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  • Super intelligent Wind Solar Hybrid Controller / Wind And Solar Hybrid Controller
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Introducing GreenergyStar's latest developed product: SolarWind Hybrid RX, the state of the art charge controller that can handle solar and wind at the same time! Since Air-X is a popular wind turbine in North America, our development team has specifically tailored this controller to work with wind solar hybrid controller Air-X's charging system.

Wind solar hybrid charge controller

The SolarWind Hybrid RX has utilized microprocessor based control electronics, sophisticated monitoring software, high quality finned aluminum casing and an intuitive LED display design.

The following list will summarize its major features: Features Fully digital controlled converter wind solar hybrid controller a flexible and powerful control method and control strategy.

Maximum power point tracking: The power curve can consist of up to 24 points defined by the wind solar hybrid controller or chosen from the system defaults.