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Captain Neweyes' Brain Grain turns the dinosaurs from realistic-looking beasts to stylized big-eyed cartoon characters. If for no other reason than the implication that dinosaurs aren't appealing to kids unless they're turned into cuddly goofballs.


Never mind that a big part of the reason kids like dinosaurs is because they're cool and scary-looking, not because they're cute. Small potatoes in were back a dinosaurs story, but pterosaurs aren't freakin' dinosaurs. It doesn't help that Elsa looks nothing like a Pteranodon.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story

Woog and Dweeb, a plant-eating Triceratops and Parasaurolophus respectively, are both seen eating hotdogs, and Woog later salivates over the contents of a delicatessen. While there's some evidence that triceratops was actually omnivorous, the creators couldn't have known this at the time, and it still doesn't solve the matter of Dweeb.

Rex has three functional fingers in each hand, despite Tyrannosaurus having only two in real life. Also, his posture zigzags between the upright, old timey T.

This happens to Louie and Cecilia when Professor Screweyes, having put them under his spell with his screw eye, demonstrates the power of his evil pills to the dinosaurs by giving one to the kids, were back a dinosaurs story them into monkeys.

New Yorkers have seen everything Professor Screweyes when were back a dinosaurs story turns down Neweyes' offer to redeem himself.

We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story Movie Review

Overlaps with The Immodest Were back a dinosaurs story in a very odd way. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: A mild example pops up when Louie meets Cecilia because you don't expect to hear this line in an animated kids movie and it's said so casually: Come on, big eyes you're killing me.

What's there to cry about?

You don't like turkey? No, it's my parents. What about your parents? Do they beat you? The "family is important" moral wrapped around the movie isn't actually supported by Rex's story at all and seems tacked on because we were back a dinosaurs story learned anything yet, save maybe "Running away from home will lead to you meeting dinosaurs and having a fabulous adventure.

When Louie gets a look at the dinosaurs feral, caged, and chained and realizes out loud that it's because of him, Stubbs cuts in with a rather blunt "I guess so.


Louie talks more like a wannabe tough kid from the s than your typical 90s kid. Captain Neweyes, the kids, Professor Screweyes Bleeb was created for the film and not in the book.

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A were back a dinosaurs story strange variant. While the ones aboard Neweyes' ship may have plausibly been tofu dogs, the mouthful Woog happily eats while escaping through New York City most likely weren't.

There are some deeply Unfortunate Implications here. Horner's output in the s was not nearly as prolific as in the s, but he continued to produce sterling work, earning three further Oscar nominations for A Beautiful MindHouse of Sand and Fogand Avatarthe colossal success of which almost rivaled that of Titanic.

He continued to be an in-demand presence in film well into the 21st century, scoring big-budget box office smashes like The Amazing Were back a dinosaurs story and Ender's Game.

A benevolent scientist, Captain New Eyes Walter Cronkitehas traveled millennia to bring dinosaurs to the modern world. The creator of Wish Radio, Captain New Eyes knows that kids everywhere are entranced by and wish to see the ancient creatures. With the help of "Brain Grain," a cereal he's invented, the Captain turns the dinos into gentle, articulate, fun-loving beasts who eagerly join were back a dinosaurs story.