Marvel Comics' Weapon X ongoing will be ending "fairly soon" according to co-writer Fred Van Lente. "I do Weapon X for Marvel which is super. A comic book version of a type that's all too common in real life, the macho guy Weapon X is a story about a man who has lived long and hard. "Weapon X" is a comic book story arc written and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith and published by American company Marvel Comics. The story arc appears  Wolverine: Weapon X‎: ‎ISBN


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Plot[ edit ] The series begins with Logan being captured and prepared for the adamantium bonding process.

There are several mentions of his being tough, and weapon x comics Professor, the director of the Weapon X program, along with his assistants Dr. They were enemies forced to become allies They were a ticking time bomb that had no choice but to fall apart Out of the ashes of Team Weapon X, a new crew is borne!

So weapon x comics shown detailed, annotated pictures of processes occurring.


A man having molten metal injected into his bones, fitted with neural weapon x comics that rob him of muscular and chemical control of his own body, getting chunks of that body ripped away by starving wolves, and having weapon x comics boom box-sized signal transmitters surgically attached to his skin - two to his face.

And we're told by word balloons and caption boxes that these are the things that are happening, because otherwise we might mistake even pictures this gruesome for just regular-type superhero goings on.


The best illustration of this is seen in a sequence near the beginning, when Wolverine extends his new claws from his body for the first time. We, of course, have seen this so often that we take it for granted, but as razors bloom from flesh, a hapless guard screams at us, "Blood!

Blood's spurting out weapon x comics his hands!

He's just gushing blood! But there's no other superhero comic that carries with it such an emphasis on physical pain.


I'm of the opinion some other guys probably are too, but I was too busy reading Wolverine to read those books that a presentation of human suffering is the weapon x comics at the foundation of the dramatic image.

Despite weapon x comics endless lumps they dish out to their protagonists, superhero comics almost never center their focus on pain or suffering of any kind, except insofar as these constitute obstacles to be overcome physically - usually in the space of a panel or two.

Bodies are there to take beatings, but never to tell us about them. This is one reason why most superhero comics are lacking in dramatic stakes.

Weapon X ( - Present) | Comic Books | Comics |

Here Windsor-Smith seems determined to pay back as much weapon x comics the balance due as he can. Physical suffering is the subject of this comic far more than its main character, who spends most of the book unconscious or incommunicado.

Not that there aren't a ton of words in this comic. Torrents of clipped, terse weapon x comics swirl across nude bodies locked in restraints, aiming again and again for gutshots, locating and highlighting the agony its plot causes its characters.

Disgust isn't just implied, it's searched for, honed.

Marvel Comics Reveals Sabretooth's Weapon X-Force Team - IGN

Weapon x comics is one of the things I'm talking about when I say that Windsor-Smith's hatred for superhero comics is palpable throughout. But I'm also talking about something bigger - a hatred of the culture that surrounds superhero comics and celebrates the violence they all share in.

Windsor-Smith knows the only reason to come to a Wolverine comic is to see violence.