Rainwater Harvesting Potential in India. The total amount of water that is received in the form of rainfall over an area is called the rainwater endowment of that area. Out of this, the amount that can be effectively harvested is called the water harvesting potential. Tamil Nadu has been a trendsetter in rain water harvesting, making it mandatory for all buildings as far back as Today, according to the. For the people of Kerala, in southern India, rain collected from have been trying to popularize roof-water harvesting as a viable solution, one.


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Rainwater Harvesting Potential in India

Desilting has helped flood-prone regions such as Cuddalore and Nagapattinam cope better, Satyagopal says. Rainwater harvesting structures were made mandatory in Bengaluru in Build a Rain Saucer Photo Source If you are looking for a fast DIY way to collect rainwater without much hassle, rain saucers form a great free standing rain collection system which fill up water harvesting in india fast.

Looking like an upside-down umbrella, the rain saucer unfolds to form a funnel which fills the containers with rainwater.

Since this easy-to-deploy system catches rain straight from the sky, it also decreases the chances of contamination. Influencing factors Among the several factors that influence the rainwater harvesting potential of water harvesting in india site, eco-climatic conditions and the catchment characteristics are considered to be the most important.

To increase agriculture production.

Rainwater harvesting: How to build a house with its own water supply? - Times of India

To improve ecology of the area by increase in vegetation cover etc. The cost of recharge to sub-surface reservoir is lower than surface reservoirs.


The aquifer serves as a distribution system also. No land is wasted for storage purpose and no population displacement is involved. Ground water is not directly exposed to evaporation and pollution. Storing water under ground is environment friendly. It increases the productivity of aquifer.

water harvesting in india

Rainwater harvesting - Wikipedia

It reduces flood hazards. Kerala floods and after Every time there is a huge flood in India water harvesting in india massive loss of lives and extensive physical damage, there is a hue and cry. Especially, if this takes place in an area not normally prone to such floods.

Assam and Bihar, for instance, are regularly laid waste by floods and so, there is not much agitat What to do if agriculture borewell water harvesting in india

Rainwater harvesting

Now, residential well owners who meet certain criteria may obtain a permit to install a rooftop precipitation collection system SB Rainwater catchment is mandatory for new dwellings in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both Texas [27] and Ohio allow the practice even for potable purposes.

Oklahoma passed the Water for Act into promote pilot projects for rainwater and graywater use among other water-saving techniques.

In IrelandProfessor Micheal Mcginley established a project to design a rainwater harvesting prototype in the biosystems design challenge module at University College Dublin New approaches[ edit ] Presentation of RainSaucer system to students at orphanage in Guatemala Instead of using the roof for catchmentthe RainSaucer, which water harvesting in india like an upside-down umbrella, collects rain straight from the sky.

7 Great Techniques by Which You Can Easily Harvest Rainwater at Your Home This Monsoon

This decreases the potential for contamination water harvesting in india makes potable water for developing countries a potential application.

Traditionally, stormwater management using detention basins served a single purpose. However, optimized real-time control lets this infrastructure double as a source of rainwater harvesting without compromising the existing detention capacity.