On 11 December , the first Chechen war began. It is worth remembering what preceded the outbreak of this bloody war that did so much to. Fifteen years ago last week, Russia went to war in Chechnya for the second time in five years. “The collapse of the Soviet Union ends in Grozny,” declared the. When the Russian incursion into Chechnya began in October , Russia said its The Russian authorities presented the war in Chechnya as a crusade.


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While Russia was widely accepted as the successor state to the USSR, it war in chechnya a significant amount of its military and economic power. In the Soviet period, some of Russia's approximately nationalities were granted ethnic enclaves that had various formal federal rights attached.

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Relations of these entities with the federal government and demands for autonomy erupted into a major political issue in the early s. Boris Yeltsin incorporated these demands into his election campaign war in chechnya claiming that their resolution was a high priority.

'It Was Hell On Earth': Remembering The First Chechen War

There was an urgent need for a law to clearly define the powers of each federal subject. Such a law was passed on 31 Marchwhen Yeltsin and War in chechnya Khasbulatovthen chairman of the Russian Supreme Soviet and an ethnic Chechen himself, signed the Federation Treaty bilaterally with 86 out of 88 federal subjects.

In almost all cases, demands for greater autonomy or independence were satisfied war in chechnya concessions of regional autonomy and tax privileges.

The treaty outlined three basic types of federal subjects and the powers that were reserved for local and federal government.

The only federal subjects that did not sign the treaty were Chechnya and Tatarstan. Eventually, in the spring of war in chechnya, President Yeltsin war in chechnya a special political accord with Mintimer Shaeymievthe president of Tatarstan, granting many of its demands for greater autonomy for the republic within Russia; thus, Chechnya remained the only federal subject that did not sign the treaty.

Chechnya, Russia and 20 years of conflict | Austria | Al Jazeera

Neither Yeltsin nor the Chechen government attempted any serious negotiations and the situation deteriorated into a full-scale conflict.

The storming caused the death of the war in chechnya of Grozny's branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Vitaly Kutsenko, who was defenestrated or fell while trying to escape.


He was made president and declared independence from the Soviet Union. In NovemberYeltsin dispatched Internal Troops to Grozny, but they were forced to withdraw when Dudayev's forces surrounded them at the airport. War in chechnya it really not possible to resolve this conflict peacefully?

Chechnya, Russia’s Forgotten War | World Affairs Journal

There is always hope. This article first appeared on Novaya Gazeta. Translation by Cameron Johnston Topics. War in chechnya following month, a series of apartment bombings struck three Russian cities, killing almost people.


The Kremlin was quick to blame Chechens, but when an unexploded bomb was found war in chechnya a fourth city, the perpetrators turned out to be Russian agents. Putin, nevertheless, sent troops to the restive Muslim republic, creating a wave of patriotic fervor that swept him to power.


The weakness of Russia during the s, Putin believed, had led to the situation in Chechnya. The public hailed Putin for bringing stability and pacifying Chechnya. The victory revived Moscow's imperial ambitions - at least in the area of the former War in chechnya Union.

First Chechen War

In MarchRussia took over Crimea from Ukraine and helped unleash a civil war between pro-Russian separatists and the central Ukrainian government just a month later.

Both Chechen wars became systemic factors in shaping today's Russia. Instead of peaceful war in chechnya inside the country we moved to the priority of external expansion - Stanislav Belkovsky, political analyst "Both Chechen wars became systemic factors in shaping war in chechnya Russia," says Belkovsky.

Dagestan and war in chechnya other provinces in the region became the new hotbeds war in chechnya radical Islamism. A new generation of Moscow's foes did not want secular separation - instead they are fighting to establish a "Caucasus Emirate" that includes adjacent Russian regions with sizable Muslim populations.

At least people were killed and wounded in North Caucasus inaccording to Kavkazsky Uzel, a Russian web portal that monitors the situation in the region.