MILLIONS OF CATS. Wanda Gag. "The first true 'picture book' by an American artist". "Beauty at the heart of all life is the keynote to the work of Wanda Gag and. Some critics claim that Millions of Cats was the first truly American picture book done It certainly sky rocketed Wanda Gág into instant fame and set in stone her. Millions of Cats is a picture book written and illustrated by Wanda Gág in The book won a Newbery Honor award in , one of the few picture books to  Genre‎: ‎Children's literature.


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Millions of Cats - Wikipedia

And later, when it becomes obvious that there are wanda gag millions of cats too many cats, the old couple again does not face their responsibility or accountability; they simply force the cats to fight it out amongst themselves.

Furthermore, the fact that the original hill the old man sees is literally covered with domestic feral cats might also be seen as a lack of pan-human responsibility to both domesticated animals including pets and the environment in general humans abandoning domestic cats in the wild and not realising or caring that there are likely not enough natural spaces available for all of them, that the feral cats will also need to eat and drink, and that the cats' presence will obviously also affect the environment, their surroundings.

Wanda gag millions of cats man wants to bring home the most beautiful of all the cats, but he is unable to decide.

Each seems lovely, wanda gag millions of cats he walks back home with all of the cats following him. His wife is dismayed when he arrives, realizing immediately what her husband overlooked: The wife suggests letting the cats decide which one should stay with them, asking "Which one of you is the prettiest?

Soon, all is quiet outside. When they venture out, there is no sign of the cats: Take THAT you wascally wabbit!


The old man finds a hill covered with cats and brings them home. His wife points out that they cannot possibly keep them all. The cats get in a fight over who gets to stay, and the wanda gag millions of cats is left with a scrawny little kitten. With love, the kitten becomes the most beautiful cat in the world.

It may well have been then that the idea for a companion award for illustration was born, although it wanda gag millions of cats be another decade before the Caldecott Medal became a reality.

Wanda Gag, of course, is one of those artists that rocked the bohemian scene.

Millions of Cats (Gift Edition) by Wanda Gag |

Ernestine Evans of Coward-McCann coward? She soon would decide otherwise and conclude that she had stumbled onto a major new pathway for her artistry. Apparently even before Evans came along, Gag had been working on this book.