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Wampir reymont was surrounded by impenetrable forests in which the Czar of all Russians hunted every year. I wampir reymont installed myself at the end of autumn.

I did not have much to do and I had free time for writing and being foolish. I lived on tea, bread, and dreams. I was twenty-two years old.

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I was healthy, had only one suit, and boots with holes in them. I had wampir reymont in the world and a thousand bold projects in my mind.

Then I tore up everything mercilessly and burned it. I lived in solitude; I had no friends; the authorities as well as my fellow-workers were unfavourably disposed toward me; I did my duties badly.

I could adapt myself neither to the mentality of those around me nor to the conditions of my existence. All this was painful and hard for me to endure.

Misery did not release me; it undermined me, and then the cold… I had wampir reymont spend whole days in the open surveying the workers; the nights I spent in a room so cold that I wrote wrapped in a fur, keeping the inkwell under the lamp lest the ink should freeze.

I suffered these torments for two years, but as a result I had wampir reymont six short stories that seemed to have possibilities. I sent them to a critic in Warsaw, but it took over six months until I received a favourable reply.

He even condescended to recommend me to a publisher. After new efforts my stories were printed. My whole being was filled with unspeakable happiness: But this good fortune was not without results for my bureaucratic career. The management dismissed me; they needed workers, not men of letters.

I gathered my belongings, consisting chiefly of manuscripts, and with the generous amount of three rubles and fifty kopecks I went to Warsaw to conquer the world.

I began a new Odyssey of misery, roving and struggling with destiny. No help from anywhere! I broke completely with my family.


They did not understand me and wampir reymont my fate. For the first six months I did not know the taste of the most ordinary dinner.

Władysław Reymont

I went out only in moonlight. My rags were too shabby for any occasion.


I lived with people as miserable as Wampir reymont was. I wrote in the cathedral that was opposite my refuge; it was warm, solemn, and silent. I fed my soul on organ music and the sight of religious ceremonies. I contemplated suicide more and more seriously.

The earth was already wampir reymont under my feet.

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An irresistible fascination with terrifying death killed me ahead of time. The more profound wampir reymont faith became, the more violent my fascination with annihilation, and then incessant hunger pushed me toward the abyss.

At the beginning of spring, in April, I saw pilgrims going to Czestochowa, the wampir reymont mountain that had the picture of the Madonna famous for its miracles.