The Völkischer Beobachter was not very popular with the German people and by the end of it was heavily in debt. Major Ernst Röhm was informed of the. Trump proposes to cut NASA's budget for monitoring climate change from space. Before he can do so NASA would like everyone teo watch this video. 'Vőlkischer Beobachter' was the main official newspaper of the Nazi Party. The primary aim of 'Vőlkischer Beobachter' was to spread the word.


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Breitbart news has about forty five million readers, and those who remain in that echo chamber are being told that climate change volkischer beobachter been volkischer beobachter a twenty year lull where nothing much happened until there was a warming El Nino just causing chicken little to go nuts about global warming for a few years.

Völkischer Beobachter

Next follows a La Volkischer beobachter and a cooling period, this being part of the normal oscillation of the weather. An assumption is made that the scientists are all morons who failed to factor in this fluctuations and this volkischer beobachter then said to be all a part of a liberal conspiracy to persecute the oppressed truth tellers of the alt right.

This narrative is false and NASA would like you to know that. Whether it is possible to penetrate volkischer beobachter insulated echo chamber of those Trump supporters is another question, but they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words and a video must then be worth millions of words, so I do think it is important to make the attempt.


This is the 'news article' that the House of Congress seems to think is a better source of information than the climate science being done over at NASA, volkischer beobachter NASA about to get the chop so that there won't volkischer beobachter any more of this disturbing the peace of those in that echo chamber.

He also recruited Heinrich Hoffmann as his official photographer, who travelled with him everywhere. Shirer said his "loyalty was doglike".

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According to Louis L. The photographer, sensing a brilliant future for the budding politician, became his constant companion. volkischer beobachter

Volkischer Beobachter

For some time he belonged to Hitler's inner circle. Hitler often visited the Volkischer beobachter home in Munich-Bogenhausen, where he felt he could relax from his volkischer beobachter political life Much of Hitler's early popularity was due to Hoffmann's superb photography.

Rosenberg filled its columns with anti-Semitic material such as the anti-Jewish poetry of Josef Czerny.

Over the next few years several new editions of the book appeared. However, the speeches in the books were often different from those in the newspaper. This included the removal of volkischer beobachter on powerful foreign politicians.

Hitler was especially concerned with not upsetting politicians in the United States. Snyder Rosenberg was often in conflict with Max Amann: In the shabby Munich volkischer beobachter Rosenberg worked zealously on editorials, while Amann exploited the reporters on starvation volkischer beobachter.

Rosenberg and Amann often had furious arguments that ended with each throwing scissors and inkwells at the other.

Völkischer Beobachter | German Nazi newspaper |

Von Seeckt ordered General Otto von Lossowto ban publication of the newspaper. Adolf Hitler wrote the long editorial entitled "A New Beginning". Rosenberg saw English capitalists, as long as they were not Jews, as the Aryan rulers of "coloured sub-humanity".

He argued in July that "German master-men must systematically and peaceably share Aryan world domination England's task is the protection of the white race in Africa and West Asia; Germany's task is to safeguard Germanic Europe against the chaotic Volkischer beobachter flood and to hold down France, which has already become an advance guard of Africa None of the three states can solve the task of destiny alone.

The circulation rose along with the volkischer beobachter of the Nazi movement, reaching more thanin However, in it ran into financial difficulties and was in danger of closing. He even resorted to sending the Stormtroopers out on the street to beg for money.