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The Brown Water Navy in Vietnam

Cranes could lift boats out of the water and deposit them on Ammi pontoons moored alongside for dry-dock work. In addition, the ARL vietnam riverine craft Army personnel who worked on weapons, radios, and engines.

This ship provided indispensable service and without it the MRF would have been unable to keep its boats in service and carry out operations. These provided additional storage space that was unavailable on the APBs. The LSTs housed supplemental supplies of ammunition, weapons, spare parts, and rations for the riverine forces during prolonged operations.

The final components of the MRF were the artillery and helicopter barges developed by the Army. The Army quickly discovered that the soggy terrain of the Mekong Delta was not suited to either artillery or helicopters. An Army artillery vietnam riverine craft had a fire support barge fabricated from sections of two Ammi pontoons that enabled a pair of mm howitzers to vietnam riverine craft while anchored next to the shoreline.

These barges could also be beached if the tide went out. Helicopters faced a similar problem because there were few areas for them to land.

The ATC H provided a partial solution.


A helicopter barge was developed using sections of Ammi pontoons. Each of these helicopter barges could accommodated three UH-1 helicopters and was equipped with a refueling system that carried 1, gallons of JP-4 aviation fuel. Army LCM-8 landing craft were used to move the artillery and helicopter barges about and to supply the barges with fuel and ammunition.

Vietnam riverine craft MRF vietnam riverine craft not lack for artillery or helicopter support. Ships of the MRF: Like the riverine craft the APBs supported, the superstructures of these ships carried the same bar armor to protect them from rockets and recoilless rifle fire.

BT2 John Hardy stands next to his.

Mobile Riverine Force - Wikipedia

The arch-shaped tubes are limit stops for the machine gun. Design[ edit ] The PBR was a vietnam riverine craft boat with a fiberglass hull and water jet drive which enabled it to operate in shallow, weed-choked rivers. It drew only two feet of water fully loaded.


The drives could be pivoted to reverse direction, turn the boat in its own length, or come to a stop from full speed in a few boat lengths. The PBR was manufactured in two versions, vietnam riverine craft first with 31 foot length and 10 foot, 7 inch beam.

The Mark II vietnam riverine craft 32 feet 9. Coxswains of plastic assault boats were to be designated in the proposed tables and trained upon arrival in Vietnam.

Enough troops from each of the units afloat would be left at a land base to maintain equipment left in storage. The plan provided for an augmentation of three counter-mortar radar sections, each manned by nine men, to operate and maintain ship-mounted counter-mortar radars.

Mobile Riverine Force

vietnam riverine craft A mobile Army surgical hospital team, U. Air Force tactical air control parties which included forward air controllers, Vietnam Army liaison troops, and additional ANPRC radios were to be furnished from sources outside the parent division of vietnam riverine craft brigade.

Each river assault group, later designated river assault squadron, was to consist of the following: A salvage force would include: They first saw action on 30 Septemberhaving only arrived in Vietnam on 20 September River Assault Squadrons 9, 11, 13, and The 2nd Riverine Brigade of the U.