From adaptive live streaming, advanced metadata, HD encoding/transcoding, live and video-on-demand distribution, and dynamic server-side ad insertion. Seven characteristics that define chunked, connectionless, HTTP-based "Modern Streaming" architecture, and why it makes video easier to. In nowadays, video streaming doesn't need a special video streaming server any more. For your application, you can just use Apache or Nginx.


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Once it has a sufficient amount of data downloaded, the client begins presenting the reassembled stream video streaming architecture the user. The client is responsible for fetching any decryption keys, authenticating or presenting a user interface to allow authentication, and decrypting media files as needed.

During ongoing broadcasts, the client loads a new version of video streaming architecture index file periodically.

Live Streaming

The client looks for new media files and encryption keys in video streaming architecture updated index and adds these URLs to its queue.

In fact, even static images were a later addition. The designers of the web and other data transfer protocols, however, had the foresight to prepare the groundwork for other types of media such as audio and video.

In the heyday of Napster and MP3 files, audio and video could be transferred over the Internet but video streaming architecture entire contents had to be downloaded before it could be watched or listened to.

7 Things That Define Modern Video Streaming & How It Scales

Streaming media ie without having to do an initial download took a few more years before it became commonplace. Now services such video streaming architecture Netflix and Hulu make it possible to watch full-length movies in a comfortable manner.

Even social media purveyors such as Facebook and Twitter have multimedia content in the form of live streaming or on-demand clips. For those that enjoy sports there are Internet-based channels that offer high-resolution live streams. All this is entering the fabric of video streaming architecture lives and becoming common-place.

7 Things That Define Modern Video Streaming

To consume these services just require a suitable computing device desktop, notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc video streaming architecture a browser. However, to offer the services the infrastructure necessary is not trivial to put together on your own.


Good network connectivity, high bandwidth, low jitter video streaming architecture reasonable latency characteristics place demands on the servers and network equipment that service providers need to have.

In Augustfor the first time ever, every minute of every event of the Summer Olympic Games was streamed online in high definition. During the two weeks of competition, 50 million unique visitors initiated 70 million video streams and watched 10 million hours of video an average of 27 minutes at a video streaming architecture.


The Olympics opening ceremony kicked off 2, hours of online video streamed in a two-week period. The success of the Olympics, and of HTTP video streaming architecture more broadly, was based on a simple but powerful architectural tenet: Modern Streaming fully embraced the topology of its underlying network.


Unlike custom streaming protocols, which compete with the stateless, cache-friendly architecture of the internet and corporate WANs, HTTP streaming could leverage the architecture to deliver high-quality video at unprecedented scale. With modern streaming, video files are divided into short multi-second segments that video streaming architecture sent across the wire.

Depending on the protocol, the segments can range from seconds in length. As an example, here's Highwinds' POP map: Often streaming video CDNs will video streaming architecture have a set of tools they provide that are tested against their platform.