Without going into crazy detail, it is important to get basic editing terminology right, to understand what some of the apps are offering and what. Here are the Common Video Editing Terms You Need to Know. 1) Aspect Ratio. Aspect ratio relates how the width and height of your video relate to each other. 2) B-roll. 3) Bit Rate (Data Rate) 4) Close Up. 5) Color Temperature. 6) Compositing. 7) Compression. 8) Crop Factor. The following are some fundamental digital editing terms that editors should know: your concise guide to an editing vocabulary. Cut. A transition where one shot is instantly followed by another. Continuity Editing. Continuity Error. Cross Cutting. Cutaway. Editing. Establishing Shot. Eyeline Match.


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For more information, check out our lesson on Neutral Density Filters. NiMH nickel metal hydride batteries are a type of battery used in some lower-end cameras. Although cheaper video editing glossary Lithium ion batteries, they tend to lose charge when not in use and don't provide as much overall power.

A One Minute Video is a video exactly one minute in length, containing no camera movements panning, tilting, video editing glossary. Check out examples in the One Minute Group.

Optical Zoom is the lens' ability to change the focal length either closer to or further from a central subject. Over The Shoulder shots are framed video editing glossary an emphasis on a particular character's perspective. This shot is used in dialogue scenes to show conversations between two people.

Digital Video Terminology

Pans are fixed, lateral movements made with the camera. Picture Profile refers to the four dimensions of in-camera picture settings: For more information, check out our lesson on In-Camera Settings.

The width of each pixel relative to its height is video editing glossary as the pixel aspect ratio. For uploading to Vimeo set your pixel aspect ratio PAR to 1: Plasma screens video editing glossary comprised of hundreds of thousands of tiny gas-filled cells sandwiched between two sheets of glass.

Glossary of Editing Terms - Videomaker

When an electric charge is applied to one of these gas-filled cells, it emits light, making up one of the thousands of pixels on-screen. For more information, video editing glossary out our lesson on Plasma Screens.

Polarizing Filter is a piece of glass that fits over video editing glossary front end of a lens to change the way that your camera sees and treats light, while ultimately cutting down on glare.

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For more information, check out our lesson on Polarizing Lens. A POV point of view shot is a shooting technique that shows the perspective of a scene literally from a character or object's position in the setting. For more information, check out our video editing glossary on POV.

A Practical refers to any light source that is part of the scene itself and does not need to be hidden from the camera. A Press kit provides background information on your film for members of the press for promotional purposes.

For more information, video editing glossary out our lesson on Film Festivals.

A Beginner’s Guide to Film Editing Vocabulary

A Prime lens is a lens with a fixed focal length. Although less versatile than a zoom, prime lenses often provide superior optical quality and wider apertures often down video editing glossary 1.

For more information, check out our lesson An Introduction to Lenses.