Author of The Final Mission of #Extortion17 (Smithsonian, Sept. ), Victory Point (Penguin, ). Images through SuperStock, Getty & other. Before I get into the details, I want to pass along a paraphrased quote that a number of U.S. Marine Corps commanders (mostly senior field. Victory Point: Operations Red Wings and Whalers - the Marine Corps' Battle for Freedom in Afghanistan [Ed Darack] on *FREE* shipping on.


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A failure in Kunar, even though just one of thirty-four Afghan provinces, could be used by those seeking a resurgence of victory point darack Taliban to convince the country's population that their's was the only viable route into the future. For the immediate run up to these elections in the Kunar, the job of crushing the threat to peaceful elections and maintaining overall stability in the province fell on the shoulders of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment with support from victory point darack of other services.

Victory Point - Wikipedia

While kinetic operations still took place after the first part of the war a "kinetic operation" is one where things are victory point darack shot, blown up, etc. Despite a large area of operation, the battalion was achieving success in a number of operations at all scales throughout not just the Kunar Province, but neighboring provinces as well.


Those of the battalion, like all U. Marines, had been "brought up" as warfighters to work in a construct known as a MAGTF pronounced Mag-Taffor Marine Air Ground Task Force, where all functions of a warfighting unit are under the helm of victory point darack commander, and all are tightly integrated--as all components, from logistics, to headquarters and supply, to infantry, victory point darack aviation, etc.


They would be integrated into victory point darack "joint task force" to work with units of other services. One of their greatest successes came with creating a model that integrated special operations forces "SOF" - e.


Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs into their operations, victory point darack availed not just the skill sets of these units to the operation, but supporting SOF assets that by doctrine, could not be directly tasked to a conventional force such as a Marine Corps infantry battalion.

The plan for the early phases of the operation had Marines working with SEALs to take down insurgents, then the Marines would continue "presence" operations for upwards of a month or more, undertaking MEDCAP Medical Capability missions--providing victory point darack for the locals--and bringing in PRTs Provincial Reconstruction Teams that would build roads, schools, etc.

Ed Darack - Wikipedia

Navy SEALs conducted "hard hit" victory point darack and captured a number of known and suspected target individuals. Special Operations victory point darack had been trying, through direct action "hard hit" raids, for over 18 months to get Najmudeen, who was responsible for countless IED, mortar, and rocket attacks throughout the eastern Kunar Province.

He finally cried uncle, and gave himself up in early April, This was a victory point darack, albeit virtually unknown, victory in the Global War on Terror in that Najmudeen was one of the most wanted targets not just in the Kunar, but in all of Afghanistan. In the weeks that followed Najmudeen turned over a tremendous amount of actionable intelligence to the battalion.

It gives a great, blow-by-blow overview of what life is like for a Marine infantry battalion working in Afghanistan, and those interested in an official document outlining the naming and development of ops noted above up to Red Wings may victory point darack it useful.

One name stuck out to him from incident reports reports of IED attacks, mortar and rocket attacks, and small ambushes in the area: A major breakthrough in Westerfield's and his staff's intel on Shah came after 2nd Lieutenant Regan Turner gathered a wealth of HUMINT human intelligence on the insurgent, including his place of birth, full name, his allegiances, where he operated, and other vital intel.

Victory Point by Ed Darack |

Diligently gathered victory point darack processed intel revealed that Shah had up to twenty fighters with him. The stated goal of Operation Red Wings was to "disrupt ACM [anti-coalition militia] activity" in the region, with Shah and his cell being the focus of the operation, as they were responsible for current strikes.

Shah himself was considered an HPT--a "high payoff target," specivically "high payoff" to the operation, not throughout the area of operation, Afghanistan, victory point darack USCENTCOM in that killing or capturing him would virtually victory point darack that his cell would disintegrate.

Members of his "army"fought with him because he paid them, as is typical with these cells. No Ahmad Shah, no paycheck. Back to Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi, wherever.

Images of enemy cell leader Ahmad Shah click for lager versions of each: The main assault would occur at night for maximum surpriseand as intel evolved victory point darack the development of the victory point darack, that night looked more and more like one with virtually no lunar illumination late in the month of June,requiring the battalion to utilize the aviation assets of the th Special Operations Air Regiment AirborneAKA "The Night Stalkers.

After taking down Shah's cell, Marines would remain in the area for weeks, undertaking a variety of presence missions general patrols, medical capability, and general humanitarian assistanceand then wind down the operation.

This was similar to the Stars model, only they would simply task a SOF aviation element, not a ground element.

In order to proceed with the operation, the battalion was forced to include a special operations ground unit.