I finished my first reading of 'Veyi Padagalu' by Viswanatha Satyanarayana today. First reading - because i am going to read it again certainly. Veyi padagalu (Rasatarangini granthamala) [Viswanath Satyanarayana] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A talk on viswanatha veyi padagalu by Dr. Surampudi sreenivasulu(DV Ramana courtesy)


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వేయిపడగలు [Veyi Padagalu]

He is is son of Ranga Rao. Harappa lives for a short duration he takes over the responsibility when Ranga Rao falls ill and does revival of old glory.

His main ambition was to revive the tradition by performing marriage of Lord Venugopala and veyi padagalu dies soon after he achieves it. Ranga Rao quotes about his son after his death that "I am not his father, he is my father" He veyi padagalu in transformation of Ranga Rao by impeaching all evil fellows those surround his father.


Dharma Rao has great veyi padagalu for her and used to teach her glories of Lord even though she belongs to devadasi caste. It is through her he achieves the second aim ie.

Evil fellow who develops hatred towards Dharma Rao and tries to ruin him. The evil deeds of him were unlimited. He develops sexual feelings towards Girika and when Dharma Rao protects veyi padagalu he develops rivalry with him.

He ruins wife of a school teacher named Mangamma by bribing her for money and taking her innocence to his advantage. He veyi padagalu also responsible for death of innocent husband of Mangamma.

Veyi Padagalu Serial Title Song

He creates all sorts of problems to Veyi padagalu Rao including Financial problems. Ultimately he gets deserved punishment when he was caught for unlawful printing of veyi padagalu notes and betrayal from Mangamma.

He was a scholar of literatures of Sanskrit, Telugu, and English and was familiar with the literary traditions of both ancient India and Modern Europe. He was a brilliant writer who constantly experimented with various genres and styles of writing.


He lived to a ripe old age, when one could only see the traces of his past glory, often lamenting that the age in which he was born could not understand him and that he should not have been born during the time and period, as the contemporary society considered him a man and a writer of obsolete ideas.

Today one feels that the time has come to evaluate his work with a historical and objective perspective keeping the distance needed for it, intact. The same historical perspective also demands that one can appreciate any writer who writes with authority and sincerity and he can veyi padagalu so only when he chooses to write on issues that are close to his heart and beliefs that form the core of his being.

Also a writer is veyi padagalu product of his times and should be examined from the context and the time of his society. He wrote during pre-independence times and the colonial rule had started changing the society and the ensuing transition created conflicts in the age old spiritual beliefs, apart from ushering in industrial age and introducing English education in India.

While he appreciated the aspect of modern civilization that the western way of life had brought in, he resented the loss of essential Indian culture. His writing reflects these dilemmas and conflicts. Had he tried to write what the readers wanted to hear then he could not have written with conviction and could not have convinced any serious reader of his writings and eventually would not have stood the test of time.

Veyipadagalu - Wikipedia

That leads us to glimpses of his prolific writing. Starting with an epic Srimad Ramayana Kalpavrikshamu for which he won veyi padagalu prestigious Veyi padagalu award for literature inhe wrote tirelessly, creating short poetry like Andhabikshuvu, Nee Radhachakralu, long poems like Andhra Prasasti, Vengi Kshetramu,lyrical poetry like Kinnerasani Paatalu, historical novels like Kashmira Desapu Kathalu 6Nepala Rajavamsapu Kathalu like Dindu krinda pokachekka and chitli chitlani Gaajulu 6 Puranavaira Grandhamala series 12his mega novel Veyi Padagalu and other equally renowned historical and social novels like Maa babu, Cheliyali Katta, Baddanna Senani, Haha Huhu and Ekaveera and the last was made into a successful Telugu film.

Backed by sound scholarship and natural genius for writing he lived life on his own terms and was never bogged down by the controversies.


He represented all that is sound and strong in the intellectual traditions and at the same time inherited the resultant adverse complexes of superiority which many of his contemporaries abhorred. One can say his work reflects this persona of the writer as a man of great depth and scholarship, a genius who turned whatever he touched into gold, a supremely confident man with a great courage of convictions and a human being to whom humility was never veyi padagalu virtue, who had shown an impatience towards veyi padagalu all mediocrity and was constantly conscious of his birth, his veyi padagalu station in life bestowed by his caste, his natural genius and his creative inner self which lead him to lead a life of rigidity, arrogance, uncompromising assertiveness and postures with contemporaries at different periods of life and finally lead him towards an old age filled with resentment, disappointment and distress at being constantly riled.