Synthesizing technical analysis with financial astrology does give a good insight for correct . Vedic Astrology can predict financial market, as Gann you know anyone personally who has made a fortune using. Financial Astrology: the essentials of predicting the stock market In those instances, an astrological analysis is perhaps better off deferring judgement until. Ancient Vedic Wisdom for Modern Financial Markets. The Financial Astrology Art of forecasting business-cycles with the help of ancient Indian astrology.


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They extrapolate too far on the basis of thin or ambiguous data. A vedic financial astrology prudent strategy is to refrain from making predictions at times of conflicting data and only take firm positions when the variables are more clearly defined.

For example, a situation vedic financial astrology arise in which there are apparently offsetting influences of planetary transits from benefic Jupiter and malefic Saturn to key natal planets.

Financial Astrology: the essentials of predicting the stock market

In those vedic financial astrology, an astrological analysis is perhaps better off deferring judgement until other planetary influences come in to tip the balance.

I believe would bring a turnaround. This can be quite beneficial for this stock. I believe the stock should be owned, no matter what.

Financial Astrology – Stock market astrology – Weekly Stock Market Direction Prediction

I had this stock last year also, but it disappointed me. The strength of the astro-chart prompted me to include this stock again.

As usual, please note that I do not recommend anybody to buy any of these stocks vedic financial astrology on my Astrological ideas. Viewers should do their own research and diligence.

Economics and psychology go hand in hand.


Hence the need for studying Economic Psychology. Now the question is - Whether investor psychology is measurable?

Stock Market Astrology July By Kshitij Sharma, June 27, I have decided to wait till the end of the month to post the financial astrology predictions. This is vedic financial astrology the recap and looking back on the past month is easier.


Not only does it tell the readers what the value of the blog is, it also tells me if the predictions have gone vedic financial astrology or they are up to the mark.

June Recap The market was in the fall mode through the 1st two weeks of June, as predicted.

Nifty was supposed to be up on 9th and 22nd June. It was marginally down on 9th, but did go up almost a points on 10th. On 22nd June, the market went up points. These predictions vedic financial astrology go right. We cannot vedic financial astrology sure about how the auto sales have been in June right away, but anyway, keep an eye on the stocks for next couple of months.

Financial Astrology: the essentials of predicting the stock market | Modern Vedic Astrology

vedic financial astrology It is a very tentative recovery in the market with couple of pretty huge drops in the market in the first week of May. This is likely to be chaotic till mid of June after which the marketing and communication machinery of the government will be overactive in reaching out to the people.


May Recap as of May 23, Bharat Forge did not vedic financial astrology well, it showing a sawtooth pattern, rather than the uptrend that was predicted. Knowing your Financial Astrology is very empowering for financial success and success in your business.

You have money planets vedic financial astrology money houses in your astrology chart, and you also have planets that cause loss of money and houses of loss. If you understand your strengths vedic financial astrology weaknesses around your ability to attract and accumulate wealth, it can empower you to achieve financial independence.

When you have financial independence, you are less moved by the external factors such as the economy or job security. In this way you can be the master of your own destiny, and not feel the victim of external economic forces beyond your control.

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