He has developed many high yielding varieties of wheat, paddy, mustard and pigeon pea. Prakash lives in a joint family along with his mother, wife, six children. The reaction of a wheat variety may differ to the two species of RLN, Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus. Wheat - Exceptionally Yielding Varieties. Wheat Seeds. ProHarvest Seeds offers the best wheat varieties. Enjoy the benefits of new or proven wheat varieites.


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Characteristics APH quality classification in NSW and Qld Elite grain yield and broad adaptation Good stem, stripe and leaf rust varieties of wheat Suited to main season plantings mid May onwards Excellent tolerance and moderate resistance to root lesion nematode P.

Wallup varieties of wheat best suited to growers looking for a variety with exceptional physical grain quality and solid disease resistance.

Wheat has also been the subject of mutation breedingwith the use of gamma, x-rays, ultraviolet light, and sometimes harsh chemicals. The varieties of wheat varieties of wheat through these methods are in the hundreds going as far back asmore of them being created in higher populated countries such as China.

Heterosis or hybrid vigor as in the familiar F1 hybrids of maize occurs in common hexaploid wheat, but it is difficult to produce seed of hybrid cultivars on a commercial scale as is done with maize because wheat flowers are perfect in the botanical sense, meaning they have both male and female parts, and normally self-pollinate.

Naked wheat, Bread wheat Triticum aestivum; Right: Hulled wheat, Einkorn, Triticum monococcum. Note how the einkorn ear breaks down into intact spikelets.


The four wild varieties of wheat of wheat, along with the domesticated varieties einkorn[47] emmer [48] and spelt[49] have hulls.

This more primitive morphology in evolutionary terms consists of toughened glumes that tightly enclose the grains, and in domesticated wheats a semi-brittle rachis that breaks easily on threshing.

Varieties of wheat designated as the class Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS)

The result is that when threshed, the wheat ear breaks up into spikelets. To obtain the grain, further processing, such as milling or pounding, is needed to remove the varieties of wheat or husks.

In contrast, in free-threshing or naked forms such as durum wheat and common wheat, the glumes are fragile and the rachis tough. On varieties of wheat, the chaff breaks up, releasing the grains.

Hulled wheats are often stored as spikelets because the toughened glumes give good protection against pests of stored grain.

Wheat Varieties

The special features of Kudrat Vandana is having higher number of seeds per pod and high oil content varieties of wheat for both Kudrat Gita and Kudrat Soni, it is the occurrence of bunchy pods and bold seeds. Diffusion and feedback Raghuvanshi is an innovative farmer and has participated in a number of Kisan melas and agriculture fairs across northern India.


Encouraging feedback has also been received from farmers from U. His new crop varieties have received varieties of wheat in a Kissan mela Farmer fair and from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan, which tested his wheat varieties.

He has also been supported financially to the tune of Rs. All the hard work that he does in developing improved varieties of different crops is based on a single simple premise.


He wishes that every farmer should have access to good quality seeds of higher yielding varieties of crops so that it is beneficial for the farmer varieties of wheat for the country as well. Varieties are listed according to a nabim classification using four Groups.

Classification Number of varieties currently on the RL nabim Group 1 Bread-making varieties with consistent milling and baking performance.