Vampiros do Rio Douro ("Vampires of the Douro River" in English) is a novel series written by André Vianco and the Brazilian take on vampire literature. The first. André Vianco (born January 10, ) is a Brazilian best-selling novelist, screenwriter, and film . 3: O Livro de Jó (Novo Século Editora, ); Vampiros do Rio Douro, Vol. 1 (Novo Século Editora, ); Vampiros do Rio Douro, Vol. 2 (Novo. VAMPIROS DO RIO DOURO on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.


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The first book Os Sete The Seven was published in and followed by more five books and a two-volume graphic novel. It starts when a group of explorers finds a sunken Portuguese ship at the literal coast in Southern Brazil with seven caskets made of silver with corpses inside of men accused vampiros do rio douro witchcraft.

Turns out these coffins vampiros do rio douro prisons for seven powerful vampires from Portugal who begin to spread terror on Brazil after they are unwittingly released by one of the students and it's up to a student group to stop the vampires' onslaught.

This series provides examples of the following tropes: He is the least evil of all the Seven and considers himself a monster and weak for succumbing to his thirst, as well as for selling his brother vampiros do rio douro an slave to the Devil in exchange for becoming a vampire.

Vampiros do Rio Douro (Literature) - TV Tropes

The book opens with a little letter written by a man to his wife talking about the cold and how so many soldiers died in the recent days. The end of the letter states that it was found in the pocket of a man that was vampiros do rio douro frozen.

Inverno and Tempestade were noblemen before becoming vampires. Defied vampiros do rio douro the Seven. Inverno derives his authority from being their village's Feudal Overlord and being the first to awaken from their sleep.

Bad Powers, Bad People: The Seven became vampires with demonic superpowers granted by the Devil: All of them are bastards of different degrees whereas the Token Good Teammate Gentil has the not-so-evil-sounding power to stop powerwhich he only uses to save the protagonist's lives.

Bat Out of Hell: Gentil is described as having angelic blonde vampiros do rio douro and is the nicest and most friendly of all his brothers. Having said that, he is an Anti-Villain compared to the others with the Devil stating he was merely "the least evil and not actually good".

Vampiros do Rio Douro #2 by André Vianco

Deal with the Devil: The Seven became vampires when the plague destroyed their city and to survive they vampiros do rio douro their souls to the Devil, gaining immortality and demonic powers. But one vampiros do rio douro them had to survive plague hit the region where they lived and to survive they sold their souls to the Devil.

Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: The Devil answers by vowing to ensure his defeat by resurrecting his dead brothers and setting them up against him.

The Seven are mostly Portuguese in origin, but otherwise they accept Espelho a former African slave as their brother. Becoming an evil vampire transcends skin-color as they are all one of the same kind.

André Vianco

Even Evil Can Be Loved: Even Vampiros do rio douro Has Loved Ones: While the vampires are unequivocally evil and described as "demons", a point is made that vampiros do rio douro capable of love. He also suffers a Villainous Breakdown after his brides are kidnapped by the military in order to draw him out, and he launches an all-out attack on them in revenge.

Well, Seven Bad Band. Inverno, the leader of the group and the first book's main villain.

Vampiros do Rio Douro #1 by André Vianco

Tempestade, the closest friend to Inverno and a fellow vampiros do rio douro. Acordador, due to being a Necromancer. Lobo, the most unruly and savage member of the group.

Espelho also qualifies due to having more physically driven powers. Gentil and Espelho are the ones that play the Reluctant Monsters among the vampires.


The Friend Nobody Likes: