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Spencer's idea that, through a development of these emotional modulations of voice, man found music, appealed to me.

Why valmiki pratibha it not do, I thought to myself, to valmiki pratibha a drama in a kind of recitative based on this idea. The Kathakas[47] of our country attempt this to some extent, for they frequently break into a chant which, however, stops short of full melodic form.


As blank verse is more elastic than rhymed, so such chanting, though not devoid of rhythm, can more freely adapt itself to the emotional interpretation of the text, because it does not attempt to conform to the more rigorous canons of tune and time required by a regular melodic composition.

The expression of feeling being the object, these deficiencies in regard to form do not jar on the hearer. Encouraged by the success of this new line taken in the Valmiki Pratibha, I composed another musical play of the same class.

Valmiki pratibha plot was based on the story of the accidental killing of the blind hermit's only son by King Valmiki pratibha.


It was played on valmiki pratibha stage erected on our roof-terrace, and the audience seemed profoundly moved by valmiki pratibha pathos. Afterwards, much of it was, with slight changes, incorporated in the Valmiki Pratibha, and this play ceased to be separately published in my works.

Long afterwards, I composed a third musical play, Mayar Khela, the Play of Maya, an operetta of a different type. In this the songs were important, not the drama.

Ch. 29: Valmiki Pratibha

In the others a series of dramatic situations were strung on a thread of melody; this was a garland of songs with just a thread valmiki pratibha dramatic valmiki pratibha running through. The play of feeling, and not action, was its special feature.

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In point of fact I was, while composing it, saturated with the mood of song. The enthusiasm which went valmiki pratibha the making of Valmiki Pratibha and Kal Mrigaya I have never felt for any other work of mine.

Valmiki Pratibha

In these two the creative musical impulse of the time found valmiki pratibha. My brother, Jyotirindra, was engaged the live-long day at valmiki pratibha piano, refashioning the classic melodic forms at his pleasure.

And, at every turn of his instrument, the old modes took on unthought-of shapes and expressed new shades of feeling.

The melodic forms which had valmiki pratibha habituated to their pristine stately gait, when thus compelled to march to more lively unconventional measures, displayed an unexpected agility and power; and moved us valmiki pratibha.

We could plainly hear the tunes speak to us while Akshay Babu and Valmiki pratibha sat on either side fitting words to them as they grew out of my brother's nimble fingers. I do not claim that our libretto was good poetry but it served as a vehicle for the tunes.

Valmiki Pratibha | opera by Tagore |

In the riotous joy of this revolutionary activity were these two musical plays composed, and so they danced merrily to every measure, whether or not technically correct, indifferent valmiki pratibha to the tunes being homelike or foreign. On many an occasion has the Bengali reading public been grievously exercised over some opinion or literary form of mine, but it is curious to find that the daring with which I had played havoc with accepted musical valmiki pratibha did not rouse any resentment; on the contrary those who came to hear departed pleased.

I used to take the leading part in the performance of these musical dramas. From my early years I had a taste for acting, and firmly believed that I had a special aptitude for it.

I think I proved that my belief was not ill-founded. I had only once before done the part of Aleek Babu in a farce written by my brother Jyotirindra. So these were really my first attempts at acting. I was then very young and nothing seemed to fatigue or trouble my voice.

Balmiki Pratibha (Dance Drama)

In our house, at the time, a cascade of musical valmiki pratibha was gushing forth day after day, hour after hour, its scattered spray reflecting into our being a whole gamut of rainbow colours.

Then, with the freshness of youth, our new-born energy, impelled by its virgin curiosity, struck out new paths in every direction. We felt we would try and test everything, and no achievement valmiki pratibha impossible.