Add Video Add Image Was there an Alternative? A seven volume account of the opposiiton to Stalin in the Soviet Communist Party Publication Status. Vadim. 1 reference. stated in · Integrated Authority File · GND ID · · retrieved. 13 August family name · Rogovin. 0 references. date of birth. Vadim Zakharovich Rogovin (Russian: Вади́м Заха́рович Рого́вин) (May 10, , Moscow – September 25, , Moscow) was a Russian Marxist (Trotskyist).


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The first one is that Stalinism with its terror was a logical, unavoidable evolution of Marxism-Leninism within Bolshevism from the Socialist revolution. Another approach is to consider that Stalinism was a historically accidental development and that there was an alternative movement within Bolshevism Vadim rogovinand the major function of Stalinist terror was to suppress this movement.

Rogovin suggests that the first approach has become dominant in historical research for vadim rogovin major reasons.

Two Lectures by Vadim Rogovin

The first one is the coincidence of the goals in this respect of two major historical schools: What are some of the main arguments that the author makes in this work?

Is his argument vadim rogovin Why or why not? What type of primary source material does the author rely on in this book? Unfortunately the memoirs of "true" Trotskyists as opposed vadim rogovin the ones falsely accused of Trotskyism during Soviet repressionsare close to none, because all these real political opponents were physically eliminated.

Fortunately the policy of glasnost had led to the opening of numerous archives, which make it possible to better trace the evolution towards Stalinism.

Two Lectures by Vadim Rogovin – Mehring Books

Rogovin writes that the treatise did not consider the debunking of various misconceptions, in order not to unnecessarily disrupt the harmony of the exposition of the second alternative mentioned above: With the above purpose in mind, the major focus of the treatise was necessarily Trotskyism and the Left Opposition movement within Bolshevism.

Stalin's year of terror by V. Therefore, as soon as there were protests at the repression by even Stalinist-inclined sections of the apparatus, Stalin decided to liquidate the entire ruling strata in vadim rogovin form it had developed by Its place was vadim rogovin by a new generation without a revolutionary past or links to Bolshevik traditions.

Almost all the former representatives of the ruling layer were exterminated. The new layer of vadim rogovin became politically homogenous and fully subordinated to the will of the leader.

Was There an Alternative to Stalinism in the USSR?

This had a decisive effect on changing the character of the bureaucracy. He resurfaced in Rome vadim rogovinwhere he declared that he had never been a communist by conviction and that in his political views he was closer to Ukrainian fascism.

Did he have to destroy much within himself? We do not vadim rogovin so. A very significant and growing part of the Stalinist apparatus consists of fascists who have not recognised themselves. To identify the Soviet regime as a whole with fascism is a vulgar political mistake into which ultra-left dilettantes are inclined to fall who ignore the difference in the social foundations.

1937: Stalin's Year of Terror

But the symmetry of the political superstructures, the similarity of the totalitarian methods and psychological types, vadim rogovin striking. Butenko is a symptom of enormous importance: At the same time, sections of the former bureaucracy, such as Ignace Reiss, vadim rogovin towards the left, towards the Fourth International.

Reiss was murdered by Stalinist agents. But, as Trotsky commented, vadim rogovin "ranks of the Soviet apparatus are filled with bureaucrats of a bourgeois frame of mind".

Rogovin points out that this layer grew considerably in the s as the stultifying effect of the bureaucracy began to choke up the pores vadim rogovin the planned economy.