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She sat down on the grass beside me and took my hand in hers.

V. C. Andrews

A quarter-horned moon was out, and millions of stars, and the breezes were sweet with the newborn fragrances of spring. For, you see, I found it hard to believe too. Your father is dead, Cathy.

V.c. andrews free ebooks thought you were in the house with the others, and the others thought you were in your room, or with me.

I could tell by her tone, by the v.c. andrews free ebooks bleakness that had sunk deeper into her eyes. Someone, some adult, should have warned us that the young, the handsome, and the needed can die, too.

How do you say things like this to a mother who looked like fate was pulling her through a knothole and stretching her out thin and flat? Nor did she want to attend to v.c.

andrews free ebooks needs.

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It was a good thing the kindly neighborhood women came in v.c. andrews free ebooks took us over, bringing with them food prepared in their own kitchens.

Our house filled to overflowing with flowers, with v.c. andrews free ebooks casseroles, hams, hot rolls, cakes, and pies. They came in droves, all the people who loved, admired, and respected our father, and I was surprised he was so well known. Yet I hated it every time someone asked how he died, and what a pity someone so young should die, when so many who were useless and unfit, lived on and on, and were a burden to society.

From all that I heard, and overheard, fate was a grim reaper, never kind, with little respect for who was loved and needed.

Spring days passed on toward summer. And grief, no matter how you try to cater to its wail, has a way of fading away, and the person so real, so beloved, becomes a dim, slightly out-of-focus shadow.

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V.c. andrews free ebooks day Momma sat so sad-faced that she seemed to have forgotten v.c. andrews free ebooks to smile. You are not to find solace in pretending. Do you hear that! Your father is dead, and his soul has gone on to heaven, and you should understand at your age that no one ever has come back from heaven.

Life holds all sorts of surprises, Cathy, and some of them are unpleasant, as you are finding out.

Roxy's Story

But remember always you were blessed to have for v.c. andrews free ebooks twelve years a father who thought you were something very special.

She threw me a glance as she rambled through the contents of the jam-packed fridge. You look very much as I did at your age, but you are not like me in your personality.


You are much more aggressive, and much more determined. Your father used to say that you were like his mother, and he loved his mother.


He should have lived to be an old man! Your father will never grow old, or infirm. They sat in the sandbox with small shovels and sand pails.

The Flowers in the Attic Series: The Dollangangers

Over and over again they transferred sand from one pail to another, gibbering back and forth in the strange language only they could understand. Cory and Carrie were fraternal v.c. andrews free ebooks than identical twins, yet they were like one unit, very much satisfied with each other.


They built a wall about themselves so they were the castle-keeps, and full guardians of their larder of secrets. They had each other and that was enough.

The time for dinner came and went. She frowned as she wrote in longhand, pausing every so often to lift her head and stare off into space.

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