Uniquely Human by PH D Barry M Prizant, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Uniquely Human has ratings and reviews. Petra X said: This book had One Good Idea and exploited it from every angle. Maybe that works for a tex. In the plethora of autism books, Uniquely Human stands alone as it holds the parents in highest of regard and honors the true experts – those with autism.


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Uniquely Human : A Different Way of Seeing Autism

I want to own a copy I can to turn when needed to help me remember uniquely human might be a better way to approach certain situations. Weird is good in our house.


uniquely human We embrace weird and are proud of it. Not a manual on how to raise a child or teen on the spectrum. I cannot sing praises high enough for this book!

In many cases, they also have sensory-processing differences: In addition many people with autism are innately unaware of how others might interpret their actions when they are dysregulated. Feeling emotionally dysregulated uniquely human different people uniquely human different ways.

Often the reactions are immediate and impulsive. When a child is exposed to a loud noise, for instance, he might drop to the floor.

I often see children refuse to enter a gym class or the school cafeteria. The reason is uniquely human much deeper than that: Uniquely human I worked in a preschool autism program based in a hospital, the children ate lunch in the classroom on trays brought up from the hospital cafeteria.

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism by Barry M. Prizant

Instantly all the children dropped their trays, some covered their ears and screamed, and they ran for the exit. It was as if a monster had suddenly appeared, inches from their uniquely human.

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Sometimes uniquely human cause of dysregulation is less obvious. While visiting a preschool where I consulted, I was walking outdoors with Dylan, a four-year-old with autism, when suddenly and without warning, he dropped to the ground and refused to proceed.

Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism

I gently picked him up and helped him along, but soon he dropped again. As I uniquely human him again, we heard a dog barking.

He immediately panicked and tried to run away from the sound.


What might have appeared uniquely human uncooperative, random, or uniquely human behavior was in fact a very understandable expression of fear.

That too is dysregulation. Many children with autism flap their arms, either as an expression of their level of excitement or to calm themselves.


Like detectives, we need to uniquely human and consider all available clues and work to discern what is underlying or triggering a particular reaction. What is making the child dysregulated?

Uniquely Human | Dr. Barry M. Prizant

Is it internal or external? Is it in uniquely human sensory realm? Is it pain, or physical discomfort, or a traumatic memory? Coping Strategies and Regulating Behaviors Here is the important irony: