Tunable Laser Optics offers a transparent and comprehensive treatment of the physics of tunable laser optics based on a detailed description of first principles. New Focus tunable diode lasers deliver exceptional mode-hop free performance, fast wavelength tuning speeds, and proven reliability at an. In addition, tunable lasers enable new dynamic network architectures that are expected to radically decrease the cost of optical networking. This paper examines.


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Tunable laser - Wikipedia

His use of the Dirac Optics notation for compact and concise tracking of the interferometers spectral tuning is not only brilliant physics but also tunable laser optics pedagogically! It will be a standard for both professionals and students alike!

Nowhere else is there such a clear and concise description of the Dirac-Feynman, and dare Tunable laser optics add, Duarte, approach to diffraction and interference theory and applications. This is using quantum mechanics in a very pragmatic and useful way!


External cavity lasers using multiple-prism grating arrangements for wide-range tunability. Coarse tuning is achieved by selecting the correct laser bar. Tunable laser optics tuning is then done thermally, such as devices commercialized by Santur Corporation.


One of the two mirror stacks is movable. It can be used tunable laser optics solar tunable laser optics characterisation in a light beam induced current LBIC experiment from which external quantum efficiency EQE of a device can be mapped. Tunable sources were recently used for the development of hyperspectral imaging for early detection of retinal diseases where a wide range of wavelength, a small bandwidth and outstanding isolation is crucial in order to achieve an efficient illumination of the entire retina.

History[ edit ] The first true broadly tunable laser was the dye laser in tunable laser optics They are not widely used, however. Quantum cascade lasers are also broadly tunable mid- infrared laser sources.

Some fine tuning, often continuously without mode hops, is possible for other lasers: Tuning may be accomplished tunable laser optics applying stress to the laser crystal via a piezo, or by varying the crystal temperature.


Similar fine tuning is possible with some single-frequency laser diodese. For wideband tuning in various spectral regions, optical parametric oscillators OPOs can be used.

Tunable Laser Optics - CRC Press Book

These are actually not tunable laser opticstunable laser optics OPO sources are nevertheless sometimes included with the term tunable laser sources.

Applications of Tunable Lasers Wavelength-tunable laser sources have many applicationssome examples of which are: In spectroscopya wavelength-tunable laser with narrow optical bandwidth can be used for recording transmission or absorption spectra with very high frequency resolution.

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In a LIDAR system, a laser may be tuned to a wavelength which is specific to a certain tunable laser optics to be monitored. Various methods of laser cooling require a laser wavelength to be adjusted very precisely at or near some atomic resonance.

Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology - tunable lasers, wavelength tuning

Tunable laser optics to atomic resonances is also used in laser isotope separation. The laser is then tuned to a particular isotope in order to ionize these atoms and subsequently deflect them with an electric field.

Tunable laser optics tunable laser can be used for device characterization, e. In optical fiber communications with wavelength division multiplexinga tunable laser can serve as a spare in the case that one of the fixed-wavelength lasers for the particular channels fails.