Read Chapter II--Doctrine of the Trinity of Systematic Theology from author Augustus Hopkins Strong. Find more Christian classics for theology and Bible study. Welcome. Welcome to the Department of Religions and Theology which offers a non-denominational setting for the study of religions and. This supplementary document discusses the history of Trinity theories. A direct influence on second century Christian theology is the Jewish philosopher and.


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And in this Trinity, no one is before or after, greater or less than the other; but all three persons are in themselves, coeternal trinity theology coequal; and so we must worship the Trinity in unity and the one God in three persons.


Whoever wants to be saved should think thus about the Trinity. Anonymous Athanasian By the latter part, trinity theology follows by the indiscernibility of identicals that no person of the Trinity is identical with any other. And by the trinity theology part, it seems to follow that there are thus at least three eternal etc.

Trinity (theology) - definition of Trinity (theology) by The Free Dictionary

But it asserts there's only trinity theology eternal thing. Hence, the creed seems contradictory, and has been attacked as such Biddlei; Nye a, 11; Priestley Showing where the above argument for inconsistency trinity theology wrong is a major motivation of recent Trinity theories see sections 1 and 2 of the main entry.


In contrast, mysterians hold that it somehow goes wrong, though no one can say quite where. See section 3 of trinity theology main entry. Finally, some simply reject the creed.


Medieval Theories Church council decisions are treated by Catholicism and Orthodoxy much like supreme court decisions in American jurisprudence. While early rulings may be bent and twisted to meet new needs, they are at trinity theology in theory inviolable trinity theology.

Trinity | Definition, Theology, & History |

Thus, the structure of Christian churches ensured that these trinity theology weren't violated, and theorizing about the Trinity from around CE until the Reformation ca.

Thus, most medieval trinitarian theories are essentially elaborations on the pro-Nicene consensus in a more confident and metaphysical mode. That is, they trinity theology strictly to the creedal statements as well as writings of their tradition's most authoritative church fathers, but are less reticent to give fuller accounts of what the persons are and how they are related to one another and to God or the divine essence.

There were short-lived exceptions to this conformity; periodically, allegedly tritheistic trinitarian theologies were proposed and quickly suppressed Erismann ; Pelikan—7; Pohletrinity theology Tavard ; see also the section on Tritheism in the entry on John Philoponus.

Trinity - Wikipedia

God is also utterly simple, with no distinct parts, properties, or actions. We may truly say, though, trinity theology God understands and wills.

These divine processes are reflexive relations which are the persons of the Trinity theology. The persons of the Trinity, as they share the divine essence, are related more closely than things which are merely tokens of a kind e.

Trinity theology persons are distinct per relationes as to their relations but not distinct per essentiam as to their essence or being. In the words of one commenter, [For Aquinas,] relations both constitute and distinguish the divine persons: HughesTrinity theology how may these relations be, constitute, or somehow give rise to three divine hypostaseis when each just is the divine essence?

For if each is the trinity theology essence, won't it follow that each just is i.

Aquinas holds that it does not follow—that would amount to modalism, not orthodox trinitarianism. To show why it doesn't follow, he distinguishes between identitas secundum rem et rationem sameness of thing and of concepts and mere identitas secundum trinity theology sameness of thing.

To the preceding objection, then, Trinity theology says that the alleged consequence would follow only if the persons were the same both in thing and in concept.

Chapter II--Doctrine of the Trinity

But they are not; they are merely the same thing. This move is puzzling.

Aquinas holds that the three are not merely similar or derived from the same source, but are in some strong sense trinity theology same, but not identical i. Christopher Hughes holds that Aquinas is simply confused, his desire for orthodoxy having led him into this and other necessary falsehoods.

The interpretation of Aquinas on these points is difficult. Other recent philosophers, more sympathetic to Aquinas' trinity theology theory, have not tried to salvage the entire theory, but have, with the help of various trinity theology not explicitly made by Aquinas, sought to salvage his basic approach.