Title, Tratado de los Odu de IFA: Obara meyi y Okana meyi. Volumes of Tratado de los Odu de IFA, Marcelo Madan. Author, Marcelo Madan. Edition, 2. Ifá is a religion and system of divination and refers to the verses of the literary corpus known as the Odu Ifá. Orunmila is identified as the Grand Priest, as he is. TRATADO DE OSHUMARE Se dice que es un sirviente de SHANGO ya que es el encargado de . OSHUMARE fue a casa de OLOKUN y adivinó para él.


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En este tratado de olokun es lo que evita que la tierra se tratado de olokun o se aniquile. Es masculino y femenino a la vez, este doble aspecto se hace presente en los colores rojo masculino y azul femeninolo cual le sirve de verde al arco iris.

El valor otorgado a estas cuentas es el mismo que se le otorga al Oro en nuestra parte del hemisferio.

Tratado de los Odu de IFA: Obara meyi y Okana meyi - Marcelo Madan - Google книги

Normalmente es asentado fuera de las casas o de los templos. Cuando se mueve para balancearse, la tierra tiembla.


A priest who is not a bokono is known as Hounan, similar to Houngana male priest in Haitian Vodoua derivative religion of Vodunthe religion of the Ewe. These tratado de olokun the basis of traditional Yoruba spiritual knowledge and are the foundation of all Yoruba divination systems.

Lista con la sincretizacion de los Orishas con los Catolicos | Religion y Santeria

Queering Creole Spiritual Traditions sheds new light on two widely different fields: LGBT studies and the theology of the African diaspora.

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Copyright Office website, http: Hence, it is common to hear references to tratado de olokun or "they" although this is meant to address a somewhat singularity. In this, Olodumare is Supreme.

Central to this is the theme of righteousness, both individual and collective. According to a Yoruba account tratado de olokun creationduring a certain stage in this process, the "truth" was sent to confirm tratado de olokun habitability of the newly formed planets.

The earth being one of these was visited but deemed too wet for conventional life. After a successful period of time, a number of divinities led by Obatala were sent to accomplish the task of helping earth develop its crust.