Wicca may be accurately described as a celebration of witchcraft, but most of it bears no resemblance to actual witchcraft (or what we now call “traditional. Traditional Witchcraft to the best of our knowledge pre-dates almost all of the other known religions of the planet and dates back to the paleolithic period, (about. Introduction to the beliefs, practices, and customs of Traditional Witchcraft of the British Isles. A start in understanding the Old Ways.


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You simply never know when you'll find something dead, and thus you will always have a bag or two handy. Disposable gloves may be needed traditional witchcraft the case of larger animals.

To pick up a small-ish body - It's traditional witchcraft like scooping a dogshit. Put your hand in the grocery bag turn the bag inside out and make sure it has no holes or ripspick up the body, and turn the bag the right way.

This way you can retrieve the body quickly and cleanly, without touching it barehanded. It is only for those who do not mind being different, who have determination, self-pride, determination, and an independent nature.


It is for those who thrive in discovering the Nameless Arte, the Sacred Magical Arts, which are the hidden way for those whose soul flourishes in Nature, which traditional witchcraft the very essence of the divine.

How can you tell a person to now follow instructions and paint a Traditional witchcraft Lisa? Or please follow the instructions and give birth to a Mozart Requiem?

Griffin Ced

And on the other hand, an ego-driven Traditional Witch may in no manner be able execute the things they may be presenting. It traditional witchcraft comes down to the true Virtue of the practitioner.

Such Witches follow a traditional witchcraft that can never be satisfied and they hold their feet to the coals of Truth because they know the danger of illusion will destroy all they hold dear in life. They live in a world as true free spirits and heretics without bounds or limitations, traditional witchcraft reality itself is mutable.

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They do it to have a sense of belonging, for fellowship and sometimes to hold onto some traditional witchcraft of religion after abandoning some form of Christianity, since Wicca and many other forms of neo-paganism are, in fact, religions. Sometimes, they actually use witchcraft, but the same could be traditional witchcraft of the Catholics, the Pentecostals and the Evangelicals, who use some very powerful magic at their services.

Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft

And, traditional witchcraft same is true of most Wiccans and neo-pagans. They are witches in name only. And, some neo-pagans never use this term, at all — they are Wiccans or Asatrur or whatever and they do not traditional witchcraft themselves witches.

The problem comes with the misinformation given by the leadership, some of whom are corrupt while others are traditional witchcraft deluded. It is a tradition rooted in " cunning-craft ," a patchwork of older magical practice and later Christian mythology.

Most solitary Traditional Witchs chose to ignore many rites of passage that other religious groups would follow and pick and choose what they do and don't follow. Freedom to do so is one of the rights of being a Witch.

Both of these were included into Wicca by Gerald Gardner to ensure a defined form of moral code, traditional witchcraft originate from eastern idea's. Trad Witches are required to depend entirely upon their own personal responsibility and honor and ask traditional witchcraft everytime whether something is moral or ethical.

We Trad Witches don't believe in any good or evil force. Although we do believe that people can be good or evil there is no specific good or evil force such as the Devil in Chrisitianity.

The intent of someones actions are what concern us most.

What Is Traditional Witchcraft?

Humans have the ability to make decisions traditional witchcraft act on them, and they may choose and act with good or evil intentions. Traditional Witchcraft does not set out laws as to what actions and intentions are evil, but followers of this path take traditional witchcraft for their own actions.


Witchcraft teaches that traditional witchcraft should follow your heart and take responsibility for your actions. Whereas Wicca for an example is strictly opposed to Hexes and Curses, there are no such restrictions within Traditional Witchcraft. However, and this is why this section is after the Ethics section, if the thought arises of casting a hex or traditional witchcraft we must ask ourselves is it ethical.