Thermal Analysis is important to a wide variety of industries, including polymers, decomposition, volatilization, coefficient of thermal expansion, and modulus. Introduction. The current field of thermal analysis is both diverse and dynamic. Although not a new field, more advanced instrumentation. The fundamentals of the widest-spread methods of thermal analysis including a short excursion into differential scanning calorimetry are presented.


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The exothermal effects are shown upward and the endothermal effects downward with thermal analysis to the base line.

Thermal Analysis - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

In the DTA literature, thermal effects are reported in terms of the characteristic temperature, peak temperature, temperature range of the peak, peak width, peak amplitude thermal analysis height, and peak area. By determining the nature of the peak endothermic or exothermicthe temperature of the characteristic peak, and other general characteristics, it is possible to utilize DTA for both qualitative and quantitative purposes.

By thermal analysis the binary or ternary mixtures in the DTA apparatus, the sequence of reactions during heating may also be followed. Many factors, such as the type and size of sample holder, furnace, thermocouple, rate of heating, sensitivity of the recording system, degree of dryness of the sample, the amount of sample, particle size and crystallinity, packing density, thermal conductivity, and shrinkage or thermal analysis of the sample, will affect the results.

The usefulness of DTA is further enhanced with the development of multipurpose types of equipment which incorporate one or more types of adjunct techniques to DTA.

A review of this topic is available in American Pharmaceutical Review [24]. PVAP particles displayed positive deviations from expected values suggesting hydrogen bonding between the thermal analysis and polymer.

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Further in vitro and in vivo testing revealed improved bioavailability and enhanced intestinal targeting for the CAP containing particles.

Studies are also available addressing the use of MT-DSC in the analysis of crystal growth from pharmaceutical melts [30] and pharmaceutical liquid crystals [31].

A review of the recent literature, application notes thermal analysis manufacturers as well as instrument brochures and websites would certainly confirm this.

As formulations become more and more complex and characterizing them becomes more difficult, manufacturers have done an excellent job in keeping pace with more precise thermal analysis sensitive yet more durable instruments.

Thermal analysis - Materials Today

The applications discussed in this review represent a tiny fraction of what is currently being done and with continual advances in the field, future applications are limited thermal analysis by the investigators imagination and of course, budget.

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Thermal analysis

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