Today: The Social Network, screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, book by Ben Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site. EXCLUSIVE: With Sony Pictures' permission, Deadline Hollywood presents Aaron Sorkin's full screenplay here for The Social Network. Also. THE SOCIAL NETWORK Written by Aaron Sorkin May 28, FROM THE BLACK WE HEAR-- MARK (V.O.) Did you know there are more people with genius.


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No matter how difficult it is to like Zuckerberg, he actually does have a heart. And despite how poorly he the social network script Erica, he has some sort of emotional connection with her.

Zuckerberg has a best friend.

EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Sorkin's Full Screenplay For 'The Social Network' – Plus Q&A

He uses his best friend. He betrays his best friend. His experience of that seems to suggest — in the end — he does know what he did was wrong. Stop by comments and post your thoughts.


To see all of the posts in the 30 Days of Screenplays series, go here. This series and use of screenplays is for educational purposes only!

Parker Oh and this is my brother Cameron His Royal highness Prince Albert, Your highness the social network script is Taylor and Cameron WinkleVoss of course brilliant race Ive never seen a race that close my the social network script Jack Kelly was one of the premiere rowers Ive been coming to HENLEY for 30 years and Ive never seen a race that close have you have you seen a race that close mile and a half races are more commonly won by a boat length or two yes thats absloutely right may I introduce my team In the deposition, Eduardo takes it as a personal attack from Mark.

Mark tells Eduardo of his plans to move to Silicon Valley for the summer and secure funds from venture capitalists.

The Social Network Movie Script

He knows Parker is behind it and he wants to handle the business the social network script. Mark is holding the social network script for interns to take with him to California.

Eduardo is baffled by the display but gives Mark the money to fund his summer operation. At the deposition, Eduardo says he just wanted to be a team player. The gang is partying in the new Palo Alto house. Parker shows up, Mark gives him the tour and explains that Eduardo stayed back east.

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Parker takes Mark out to a trendy club in The social network script Francisco. He once again works his magic on Mark, convincing him that listening to Eduardo and selling out early would be a huge mistake.

“The Social Network”: Scene-By-Scene Breakdown

The Winklevoss twins are at a rowing competition in England. After narrowly losing the race, they learn that Facebook has spread to the UK. Now they agree to go after Mark.


Eduardo shows up at the Palo Alto house to find Parker there. He learns Parker has been setting up meetings all over town. Mark tells Eduardo things are moving so fast, he needs to move to California or the social network script left behind.

In New York, Eduardo is in the middle of a fight with his crazy girlfriend when Mark calls. Mark berates him for freezing the account, but tells him the good news and to come back the social network script California for the transition.

30 Days of Screenplays, Day 24: “The Social Network”

At the new offices, Eduardo signs the legal documents the social network script learns of the new arrangement. Parker recruits Mark to use his new-found status to get back at an old enemy.

Eduardo returns to California for the millionth-member party and a mysterious business meeting. At the office, he is greeted by lawyers and taken to a conference room where he learns his stock in Facebook has been rendered valueless.