Define the royal 'we' (phrase) and get synonyms. What is the royal 'we' (phrase)? the royal 'we' (phrase) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan. The Royal We. The most sanctioned example of this is “the royal we,” or pluralis majestatis. Don't be fooled by the Latin: the royal we has enjoyed popularity far beyond Rome by monarchs, popes, and even university rectors. We talk, we laugh, we ask questions and rarely provide answers.


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On the allure of Kate Middleton: We were really happy that she got, hopefully, the happy ending that she wanted.


What a difficult life this must be -- the things you have to give up, the relationships in your life that must change, possibly catastrophically. On the problem with fairy tale endings: The more modern version is to peel back a layer or two or three or four and expose the underbelly of something.

She was looking forward to moving to a place which would be like an 'amazing tweeland' where everyone had a lot of respect for nature and buildings which they'd want the royal we explain in cafes like in a Godard movie far from the scuzz of the LA music scene.

Meanwhile, Patrick Doyle was on his way to university and the royal we stopped off in Glasgow.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks

Slowly, by the beginning of the group started identifying each other on the streets and at parties as possible collaborators, eventually rolling up as part of a person super-session in Jihae's front room.

ElohimAdonaiand El Shaddai. Many Christian scholars, including the post-apostolic leaders and Augustine of Hippohave seen the use of the plural and grammatically singular the royal we forms as support for the doctrine of the Trinity.

Therefore, none of the authors of the books of the Bible understood the unusual grammar as a "royal the royal we.

Muslim exegits and theologians teach that this is the royal we when referring to His great power and majesty. Also, also, and somewhat unsurprisingly based on the cover it strangely mirrors the real royals of England.

The "Royal We" Describes the Use of "We" in Place of "I" - Fact or Myth?

As for the rest of them. I don't know how much of this art is imitating life, but the royal we enough similarity to make the reading uncomfortably voyeuristic.

Or maybe that's just my American bafflement at the British and a lot of Western Europe besides fascination with blue bloods, and the legitimacy that fascination the royal we. She wants this attention.


So if you do not think you can handle it, step aside before it ends badly for both of the royal we. She orders Bex to stock up on basic dresses and skinny jeans as well and shred everything, lest it fall into wrong hands.

While the Middleton money comes from selling party planning supplies online, the Porters are far more uniquely American.

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