Directed by Don Taylor. With Valerie Bertinelli, Jameson Parker, Andy Romano, Joanna Miles. A woman who gave up college to marry her Marine boyfriend. Two lovers' ultimate promise of love to each will face its final test as the iconic teleserye “Pangako Sa 'Yo” led by Asia's emerging love team. Promise Of Love Lyrics: I kneel beside you here today / I kneel beside you and I pray / That it's you, its only you / Who will share my tomorrows and yesterdays / I.


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I found the promise of love one really interesting, and if fleshed out a little more could have been it's own book. This was actually a pretty cute story. At first I didn't like Betsy Mae, but she grew on me.

I really couldn't get a good sense of the characters. He from good parents and her left with a drug addicted, abusive father. When she was 15 and Roy 19 her father sold her to a drug dealer for a fix.

Roy and his family witnessed Sabrina being dragged out of the promise of love house in the middle of a raging thunderstorm by the dealer and intervened. After this Roy's family got custody of Sabrina and he was in love with her but she was to fragile at that time.

At 25 she 1st story by Lori Foster - Roy and Sabrina lived next door to each other when they were kids. At 25 she still has emotional breakdowns when there is a thunderstorm and runs over to Roy's place and he holds her until the storm passes.

Sabrina works the promise of love social services with kids with no home and Roy is a vet that also runs a shelter for animals.

Roy decides it time to tell Sabrina his feelings. This was a the promise of love sweet love story. We find out that she lived in foster homes her whole life and never thought she was good enough even the promise of love her best friend Travis who she left behind when she ran. It starts off with her being honest with Evan and saying she doesnt know who the father is and not liking what she had become and decides to go home - back to Travis to find herself.

When Kathy is informed that her husband has been killed, she is devastated and loses all lust for life.

The Promise of Love by Lori Foster

Her parents notice that she is unable to deal with his death and she joins a war widow support program. Her parents want her to move back to their house, but she refuses to. At the urging of her family and friends, Kathy tries to adjust to normal life again, but she has trouble hiding the fact that she still feels lost.

She is ordered to leave the apartment she lived in with her late husband, because they are the promise of love for Marine Corps families only.


She reluctantly packs to leave the only place that reminds her of Chuck and seeks refuge at the local the promise of love pool. There, she is noticed by Sam Daniels, the owner of the recreation center who was just closing up.

Knowing about her past, he assumes that she is trying to commit suicide, despite her claims that she wasn't.

The Promise of Love

Sympathizing with her, he offers Kathy the promise of love job as a swimming instructor. Although it doesn't pay well, she accepts the job. When she tells her parents, they react enthusiastically, until she reveals that she is moving in with Lorraine, thereby not returning home.