The Murderess is a bone-chilling tale of crime and punishment with the dark beauty of a backwoods ballad. Set on the dirt-poor Aegean island. The murderess / Alexandros Papadiamantis ; translated from the Greek by Peter Levi. View the summary of this work. Bookmark: The Murderess is a bone-chilling tale of crime and punishment with the by Alexandros Papadiamantis, translated from the Greek and with an.


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They take away boys and girls alike into Paradise. In fact all the more boys.


So many precious only sons who died utterly… Girls have seven lives, the old woman reflected. The world is righteously hard for little girls, certainly in the Greece of the first years of the twentieth century. True, the sister protects the boy -- and the old the murderess papadiamantis does her best to save him, too -- but in fact they all have to be pretty happy that he's behind bars.

And, of course, there's the ultimate family betrayal that comes with the old woman's most desperate act, which turns her into 'the murderess' Compelling but unrelentingly stark, The The murderess papadiamantis is a small story of poverty and desperation that crush every last spirit.

Forever a servant: a female’s life isn’t worth living, she thinks | Book Around The Corner

The old woman's horrible acts, and how she came to them, are convincingly presented, but one practically wants to turn away from witnessing the murderess papadiamantis she finds herself driven to.

This is raw social realism of the most uncompromising the murderess papadiamantis it can be a bit tough to take, though Papadiamantis' presentation of the material and story is very good.


It's certainly a memorable and haunting book. Orthofer, 20 May It was the case for Italian emigrants in America or Algerians in France. Papadiamantis also the murderess papadiamantis old customs and the yoke they put on families. Dowries are above their means and yet mandatory for your daughter the murderess papadiamantis get married.

It costs them everything and prevents them from enriching from one generation to the other.

The Murderess - Alexandros Papadiamantis

As a consequence, having too many daughters is a curse. I had never heard of such a custom in the murderess papadiamantis European country at the beginning of the 20th C and not among poor people. For me the question of dowries was linked to the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy.

Papadiamantis also depicts very the murderess papadiamantis the parallel economy driven by poverty. Women have no profession but do many small jobs to earn money or get paid in nature. Despite her horrible actions, I could understand and pity Francoyannou.


Of course, murder is condemnable but Papadiamantis shows very well the net of obligations that led her to this horrible conclusion: Girls are a burden for their families the murderess papadiamantis will live as servants all their life. His mother was a descendent of an established local family and his father was a Greek Orthodox priest.

As a young man, Papadiamantis spent seven months in a monastery and studied philosophy at the University of Athens before taking up a career as a journalist and the murderess papadiamantis.

He enjoyed popular success as the author of historical adventure novels the murderess papadiamantis The Gypsy Girlwhich were serialized in daily newspapers, but it was not until he turned to writing short stories and novellas that he gained critical recognition.