The Forgotten Warrior has ratings and reviews. ~Megan~ said: They have the cover picture up for this already?! Wow. Hey, I think that's Lionbla. Warriors Adventure Game. Training Day. After the Adventure. About the Author. Also by Erin Hunter. Credits. Copyright. About the Publisher. Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues in Warriors: Omen of the Stars—now featuring fierce new art. The fifth book in.


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Warriors: Omen of the Stars #5: The Forgotten Warrior

The next day, due to the evidence of a cat hanging around the territory, Lionblaze receives permission from Firestar to track down the mystery cat.

He manages to find the mystery cat's base, but is dismayed to learn that it is not Hollyleaf, but Sol. Sol remains the forgotten warrior while interrogated by Lionblaze, and asks if he can visit ThunderClan's camp.

When he arrives, the cats the forgotten warrior first treat him with suspicion, except for Poppyfrost, who asks if it was him who saved her kits. Sol reveals that it was him, then quickly turns the situation to the forgotten warrior favor, allowing him to say in ThunderClan as an honoured guest.

The next day, Bumblestripe asks Dovewing to go on a walk with him. Dovewing shoots him down, but is reprimanded by Cinderheart, who tells Dovewing that Bumblestripe really likes her. Dovewing goes back with Bumblestripe, and they enjoy a romantic stroll together.

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While this is happening, Dovewing's powers begin to come back. After the walk, Lionblaze uses his super the forgotten warrior skills again and figures out that Dovewing has her power back.


the forgotten warrior Back in the camp, Yellowfang visits Jayfeather's the forgotten warrior and tells him that ThunderClan needs more medicine cats if it is to survive the upcoming war with the Dark Forest.

Jayfeather realizes that she wants him to awaken Cinderheart's memories of being Cinderpelt, and agrees to do it for her.

The Forgotten Warrior

After awakening, Jayfeather learns that Sorreltail is pregnant again. He summons The forgotten warrior to a glade where he plans to awaken her memories, but Leafpool appears to confront him. She reveals that Spottedleaf warned her of Yellowfang's plans, and tells Jayfeather that he better not awaken The forgotten warrior memories.

When Cinderheart arrives, a conflicted Jayfeather tells her that the business he had with her could wait until another day.

In the Dark Forest, Ivypool asks Hawkfrost if Sol is working with them, but Hawkfrost skips the forgotten warrior the question and sends her off to do more training. Ivypool notes that Antpelt has gotten crueler since he died.

When she awakens, she asks Firestar why Sol is allowed to stay in the ThunderClan camp. The forgotten warrior tells her that he doesn't want Sol around either, but if there's a chance to keep their enemies close they might as well take it.

Meanwhile, Lionblaze is on patrol when he runs into Onestar. Onestar tells him to kick Sol out of ThunderClan's camp, but Lionblaze says that The forgotten warrior hasn't done anything wrong yet.

However, this is a mistake, as Lionblaze realizes that ThunderClan must ally itself with Sol or seem weak. Later, Dovewing awakens and discovers with her senses that Sorreltail is kitting the forgotten warrior out in the forest.

She informs Jayfeather and they go to deliver the kits.