A psychic medium is captured by a crazed scientist desperate to find an occult object that will connect him to worlds beyond the veil, and p. Isyllt Iskaldur, a Selafaïan forensic necromancer, travels to the monsoon. The Drowning City: The Necromancer Chronicles, Book One. The Drowning City is the first book in an upcoming trilogy, The Necromancer Chronicles. It tells of Issylt, a young necromancer and assassin sent to start a.


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The Drowning City (Literature) - TV Tropes

Any more would be too much of a spoiler. Isyllt got her job done but is injured in duty and loses the drowning city use of most of a hand, and Asheris is free of his bindings after years of servitude, but Zhirin is dead and the city lives up to its name with a whole lot of people joining her.

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  • The Drowning City: The Necromancer Chronicles, Book One
  • Joe Golem: Occult Detective--The Drowning City #1
  • Amanda Downum

In short order, Zhirin lost her mentor, the drowning city mother, and then her life over the span of a few days at best. Symir it's not called the "Drowning City" for nothing.

Well, ghosts can possess others or in a worse case a dead body. In the story there are a few cases of both.

Amanda Downum - Wikipedia

Though in one case it's a jinn, not a demon, and it is trapped inside the drowning city human host and bound to obey with powerful magical bindings. Indonesia, and South-East Asia in general. The author spent some time in Indonesia. Zhirin allows the Mir river to the drowning city her away as the dam breaks so it would protect the city, killing her body almost instantly.

The Drowning City (Necromancer Chronicles, book 1) by Amanda Downum

The Drowning City by Amanda Downing is an ambitious book with a penchant for compelling prose and a gray characters, centered in a beautifully rendered city with a Southeast Asian flavor. While it did not fully realize its the drowning city, I must give credit to the author for aiming high and nearly reaching her lofty goals.

A trading metropolis filled with pirates, revolutionaries, and spies, constantly in fear of being washed away the drowning city the mi Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.

The drowning city trading metropolis filled with pirates, revolutionaries, and spies, constantly in fear of being washed away by the mighty Mir River or destroyed by the lurking volcano nearby.

Only magically wards holding back certain annihilation. The dearly bought peace allowing revolutionary fever to seethe to the surface, threatening to blow the city apart!


When Isyllt Iskaldur and her two bodyguards, Adam and Xinai, sail into the grand harbor they know that the city is a ticking time bomb.

And Isyllt, master necromancer and spy, intends to fan the flames of unrest until just the drowning city an event rips Symir apart. This young woman having been caught up in the revolutionary spirits of the city by her relationship with a young man.

The Drowning City, Symir, the drowning city a city torn by factions. After years of oppression the local tribes are finally standing up against their rulers. Yet opinions on how to gain freedom vary, the two main factions are the Tigers and the Dai Tranh.


The Tigers try to gain freedom the drowning city but the Dai Tranh have lost their patience and yearn for revenge. They harass the city with surprise attacks, setting flame to buildings and robbing warehouses. Issylt, the main character, has been sent to support the revolutionaries to overthrow their rulers and she starts off neutral.


Since a burned down city wouldn't be of much use to her the drowning city she decides to side with the Tigers. I'll leave the storyline at that, since I do not want to spoil the details or the plot.

The Drowning City

A lot of intrigue and deceptions are part of the story so things are easily spoiled. Let's start with the good things, as that is the drowning city most people would like to know anyway! The best thing about this book for me was the setting.