The Jacksonville Gem and Mineral Society will be hosting the International Sand Collectors Society Conference. Additional Info. While exploring our site. The PMG Collectors Society unites all levels of collectors in a dynamic online community. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys collecting paper money. The Collector's Society by Heather Lyons. From the author of the Fate series and The Deep End of the Sea comes a fantastical romantic.


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Only a single line separates her side of the street from the elites', and she's crossing it.

The Collectors' Society Discussion and Q&A

By Brianna on Soon, she's whisked to New York and initiated into the Collectors' Society, a secret organization whose members confirm that famous stories are anything but straightforward the collectors society that what she knows about the world is only a fraction of the truth.

It's there she discovers villains are afoot--ones who want to shelve the lives of countless beings. Assigned to work with the mysterious and alluring Finn, Alice and the rest of the Collectors' Society race against a doomsday clock in order to prevent further destruction.

Customer Reviews by Birddogbirddog I don't even know where to begin. Her writing style is poetic the collectors society intelligent. The girl just spent the past 6 years trying to erase her past and come to terms with her future, only to be transported years into the future and have her life turned upside down!

Literary Meanderings: {Blog Tour} THE COLLECTOR'S SOCIETY by Heather Lyons + Excerpt

By the end of the novel, Alice, or Queen Alice, has completely transformed. From her quiet beginnings, Alice really comes into the collectors society own. Leading the group into Wonderland, Alice became the amazing strong willed leader we all love.

The collectors society book girlfriend material. While this book has a huge cast of important characters, I won't go into much detail about the others for fear of spoiling the plot. Just know that all the characters are equally important and play a huge role.

In terms of theme and adaptation quality, Lyons really produced a masterpiece with TCS. It was truly incredible.


The collectors society any of these classic novelists been alive to read this novel, I believe they all would have found TCS to be extremely enjoyable! This is one of those amazing series that I would love to see adapted for television.

Think Penny Dreadful, but modern day and without all the horror and sex. the collectors society


What about the plot? I am not kidding when I say that novel does not have a slow point. From cover to cover, this novel is fast paced. You better hope the collectors society are at least somewhat familiar with some literary classics, because Heather wastes no time in getting on with the story.

I loved that about this read, there was not a whole lot of need for world development, because most people are familiar the collectors society these characters and their backgrounds.

The Collectors' Society by Heather Lyons on Apple Books

Definitely a refreshing twist. I seriously do not have a negative thing to say about this novel.

Have you guys figured that out yet? I loved it so much that as soon as I finished, I read it once again just so I could enjoy all the collectors society literary references.


It's like a yearbook for book nerds. Now I have been asked several times about how Wonderland is portrayed in this book. As for the main characters, I think the author did the collectors society brilliant job panning out their background and their personalities.

It is within this society she meets the collectors society hero Finn, a quirky, enigmatic and naturally charismatic fellow who becomes her partner in this mission.

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I was thinking that I would finish it with a