The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma [Bessel van der Kolk M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Body Keeps the Score has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: The Body Keeps Score is my jam. It's better than that. It's like my slammajam. In his disturbing book, The Body Keeps the Score, he explains how trauma and its resulting stress harms us through physiological changes to.


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Any way, I was probably still up in my head about all that when I was listening to Dr. I was loving what he was saying, the parts I could understand any way he speaks in a thick Dutch accentbut I also remember looking around the body keeps the score room and thinking "I have to distinguish myself from these the body keeps the score hippies".

Perhaps it was at that point I unconsciously gripped up and rejected somatic trauma work again in favor of the more "masculine" "serious" "evidence based", behaviorally oriented, here and now stuff that I currently practice. A mindfulness based variant of CBT which is incidentally a "hippy as fuck" therapeutic modality by many standards.

When I first saw that the book was released, I was like "hey, that looks pretty good" but then I had a flash back from the psychotherapy conference. It was an intrusive mental image of a patchouli smelling, chubby middle aged hippy chick in a mauve knit poncho sweater and dream catcher earrings saying "your fifth level is emitting too much teal energy" and I reflexively withdrew my enthusiasm for the whole somatically oriented trauma treatment program.

I did eventually get over myself and my hippy phobia and got the book and man is it good.


The body keeps the score extremely, extremely triple extremely good. It's like, organically, cosmically, spin your chakras at a dead show good. Van Der Kolk's activist agenda, he's actually a pretty reputable Harvard affiliated scientist and clinician and widely regarded as one the the worlds foremost authorities on trauma and trauma sequallia yes I used the term sequallia twice in the same review, actually three times if you count the time I just used sequallia in this parentheses, oops, better make that four.


Van Der Kolk also apparently does the body keeps the score and meditation and has probably smoked tons of weed and hung out at Eslen. But I am willing to forgive the man for that because I too have been guilty of similar behavior in my woolly headed, not so distant past. Before I became a therapist, I was on my own journey to recovery from addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety etc.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Please forgive me if you're feeling cringy. But sometimes we all have to go there in order to communicate certain important points. The foundation of my recovery was self-care. For me, self-care was and still is founded on basics such as: It also included good therapy and a little step.

But the rocket fuel of my the body keeps the score was yoga, loving kindness meditation and mindfulness meditation. Now, one of my primary intentions as a therapist is to assist my clients in developing self the body keeps the score and embodied mindfulness skills for utilization in their recovery.

While the secular mindfulness revolution thing that has been happening over the past two decades has normalized mindfulness and provided ample scientific evidence for the clinical use value of mindfulness training e. The evidence for somatically oriented embodied therapeutic modalities has lagged.

Van Der Kolk's work is providing this evidence and is blazing the trail for mainstream acceptance of somatically oriented practices. Van Der Kolk's work is also foundational for changing the way the field conceptualizes and diagnoses trauma.

I had phenomenal results from an equally phenomenally brief treatment time two, one hour sessions.

They go beyond symptom relief, and connect us with our vital energy and here-and-now presence. A must read for all therapists and for those interested in a scholarly, thoughtful, tome about the powerful forces that affect us as human beings in meeting the many challenges of life including accidents, loss and abuse.

How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness The body keeps the score is masterful in bringing together science and humanism to clearly explain how trauma affects the whole person.

Bessel van der Kolk the body keeps the score deep understanding to the pain and chaos of the trauma the body keeps the score.

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel A. van der Kolk

The treatment approaches he recommends heal the body and the mind, restoring hope and the possibility of joy. One reads this book with profound gratitude for its wisdom.

Its deeply empathic, insightful, and compassionate perspective promises to further humanize the treatment of trauma victims, dramatically the body keeps the score their repertoire of self-regulatory healing practices and therapeutic options, and also stimulate greater creative thinking and research on trauma and its effective treatment.

Here we see not only how psychological trauma also breaks connections within the brain, and between mind and body, and learn about the exciting new approaches that allow people with the severest forms of trauma to put all the parts back together again.

The impact of overwhelming experience can only be truly understood when many disparate domains of knowledge, such as neuroscience, developmental psychopathology, and interpersonal neurobiology are integrated, as this work uniquely does. There is no other volume in the field of traumatic stress that has distilled these domains of science the body keeps the score such rich historical and clinical perspectives, and arrived at such innovative treatment approaches.