Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book is a deliciously infuriating, haunting and richly imaginative shaggy dog story, says Jonathan Beckman. "The Black Book," by the Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, now translated by Guneli Gun, literalizes the conceit; if Borges had ever really fleshed. A short while before he was honored by the judges who gave him the Nobel Prize in literature, Orhan Pamuk stood in front of a different judge—put on trial for his.


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Galip figures that if he finds Jelal, Jelal might help him find Ruya. Galip thinks about the detective stories that Ruya reads.

Although Galip dislikes that type of writing, he is familiar with the format and the process that the detective will follow in order to solve the mystery.

the black book orhan pamuk


Galip, thinking that The black book orhan pamuk might be playing a detective game with him, begins his investigation, as if he were a fictional detective. Pamuk loves long lists of objects and describes them with relish as they accumulate to overwhelm Galip in his quest for his wife, Ruya, who mysteriously disappears.

The pacing of the story, the level of and type of detail, the way he the black book orhan pamuk a room or how much of it, the length and construction of sentences I don't think it's pretentious or posuer-ish to continue reading even if the writer's style means you're going to miss most of what's happening.

Sometimes you can uncover a jewel even in the midst of confusion or mistakes.

The Black Book Summary -

I'm one of them. Also, consider the fact that many of the places where the modern reader reads are not particularly conducive to the intimate, erotic, spiritual practice of reading a book.

Consider, just for starters, the din of airports, buses, commuter rails, subways, bars, restaurants, living rooms with the tv on, so on and so forth. Galip finally agrees to meet both of them at a public location, a store called Aladdin's that figures in much of the narrative.

Soon after, Celal is shot to death in the black book orhan pamuk street. The identity of the killer is never discovered for certain.

The Black Book Summary

The novel ends with the postmodern twist of the author revealing his presence in the narrative. The story is more concerned with exploring the nature of story-telling the black book orhan pamuk a means of constructing identity than with a straightforward plot.

The traditional crime story with its need to identify a single culprit turns out to be simple matter indeed compared to this metaphysical mystery the black book orhan pamuk which all identities remain open to interpretation and may even disappear, with little warning, into the void.

Ted Gioia writes on music, literature and popular culture. His latest book is Love Songs: To ferret out leads, Galip assumes Jelal's identity and pseudonymously takes over his popular columns. Which of these approaches seem to be correct? How is the whole phenomenon of movie-going and movie star worship used in the story?

The Black Book

Pamuk has a great deal of fun with other texts and authors, both real and imagined, throughout The Black Book. One of the later poets who carried on the tradition of Rumi and the Divan school was Sheikh Galip, who is quoted in the epigraph to chapter 9 [p.


What purpose do these historical figures serve in the story? Why might she have married Galip? Is The Black Book such a book?

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What challenges does the book present for the non-Turkish reader? How might The Black Book be transposed to an American city and an American cultural and historical context?

Is there a novel you have read that does something similar with American culture, history, the black book orhan pamuk identity? The Black Book plays with the familiar idea that sacred books, like the Koran or the Bible, contain mysteries that must be interpreted.