Dive deep into Alice Walker's The Temple of My Familiar with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. The Temple of My Familiar. Alice Walker, Author Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P $ (p) ISBN Tweet. More By and About This Author. "Walker holds a rare place in the history of African-American women writers The Temple of My Familiar is brilliant." (Essence) "As a sequel to The Color Purple.


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Temple of My Familiar - Oxford Reference

If myths and meta-narratives shape us, we urgently need to rewrite those that have deformed us. In particular, I love her rewriting of the Adam and Eve story temple of my familiar address the racism of Western Christianity and remove blame from Woman.

The White man is still here even after he has left, so we have to replace him with something. We need an antidote to his poison.

[Book Review] The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker

However, the variety of life stories expressed mainly through dialogues is often confusing and fails to engage the temple of my familiar.

Many ideas expressed in the first chapters make little sense out of the context of the very last chapters, which makes the book a difficult read.

Overall though, reading The Temple Of My Familiar is a rewarding thought-provoking experience that perfectly fits in the tradition of African American Literature.

For me, the novel left a lasting impression of sadness.

The Temple of My Familiar - Wikipedia

Because her characters are intrinsically interesting, one is the granddaughter of Celie from The Temple of my familiar Purple this device works most of the time. The book explodes with imagination and presents a past and a present in which all things are possible through change, respect, and self-awareness.

The Temple of My Familiar is the ultimate expression of womanism.

Nevertheless, history is not just storytelling. There are certain brute realities that cannot be willfully ignored. Africa has a past that neither the white male historian nor Ms.

The Temple of My Familiar Analysis

Walker can simply invent. No doubt the world would be a better place if, like Fanny and Suwelo, we could live in bird-shaped houses and devote ourselves to bread making and massage, and generally adopt Fanny's mother's gospel: But whatever new worlds and new histories we invent must carry conviction: There is an element of the book Temple of my familiar have neglected thus far, in many ways its most serious element.


Fanny's crisis is the crisis of an oppressed woman, but also the crisis of a black person living in the gunsights of white racism who does not want to turn into a hate-filled racist herself.

In reply, she temple of my familiar a terrible recurring dream. What a few white men thought, and did.

His wife is caught temple of my familiar in another story, for she is a granddaughter of Miss Celie, one of the sturdy heroines of The Color Purple. Fanny looks to the future, sharing the resilience represented by the continuing love between Miss Celie and Miss Shug. But the most inventive and controversial aspect of the novel is its contemplation of the past.