Likelihood of agreement on Teesta water sharing Teesta is the most important river in northeast of Bangladesh and is the fourth largest river of Teesta water sharing · Teesta water sharing deal · Teesta water sharing treaty. Bangladesh has sought an “equitable” distribution of Teesta waters from India, on the lines of the Ganga Water Treaty of , but to no avail. The Teesta river dispute makes headlines every time there is a bilateral talk between India and Bangladesh. The dispute is regarding water.


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Looking Back: When Teesta water treaty loomed large on India-Bangladesh ties

Towns like Teesta Teesta water dispute and Melli have facilities for group rafting. Though the river looks innocuous, the underlying current is very strong. Robertson, the then Municipal Engineer of Darjeeling, drowned after losing control of the boat in the turbulence while surveying the river.

The boat struck a partially hidden boulder and was sucked in by a whirlpool, leaving no trace of the occupants. During the monsoonsTeesta river distends its banks; both in size and turbulence.

What are the disputes over India-Bangladesh Teesta deal? - Quora

India witnessed a surge in insurgency in the northeast during the teesta water dispute of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP from to A new policy to befriend the BNP backfired. Bangladesh allegedly sheltered insurgents engaged in anti-India activities, and nearly all the Home Ministry-level talks ended without agreement, and India had to increase the security budget for the northeast.

In a couple of years of assuming office inthe Awami League targeted insurgent camps and handed over the rebels to India.

The result teesta water dispute a cloud of uncertainty over any discussions on the Teesta water accord.


In more recent years, the two neighbours have been able to put the Teesta logjam on the backburner and moved ahead on other issues of bilateral interest. Here are ten points that explain what the dispute teesta water dispute about. India claims a share of 55 percent of the river's water.

The Teesta river dispute explained in 10 points - Times of India

Bangladesh wants a higher share than it gets now. Currently, its share is lower than that of India's. Conclusion Bangladesh is a significant neighbourhood for India with a teesta water dispute history, culture, religion and many more common elements.


For Bangladesh, this issue teesta water dispute still considered to be a prolonged suffering inflicted by India. The cooperation of Bangladesh is important to India and without such liberal regimes in neighbouring countries, India cannot become terror free. Teesta water dispute question raises that how many years need for Bangladesh to complete treaty with India on 53 rivers water sharing?

Bangladesh part Teesta river India is getting lots of benefit from Bangladesh.