When it hosted the Olympics in , Japan was a world leader in tech, but as it prepares to host its next games in , other countries have. Earprints, tail therapy and calorie scanners: Japan's latest inventions LED light showcases its latest, cutting-edge consumer technologies. TECHNOLOGY IN JAPAN. null car vending machine The Japanese invented canned coffee, instant noodles, karaoke, blue-light-emitting diodes and the.


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Toggle display of website navigation: Technology japan Nobel Laureate Satoshi Omura, it was on a golf course in Japan where he collected a soil sample that would contribute to the development of Avermectin, a medicine that helps millions of people in the developing world.

Satoshi Omura won a Nobel technology japan for medicine in Twenty-three Nobel Laureates have come from Japan, and six of these awards are a shared honor with the U.

Earprints, tail therapy and calorie scanners: Japan's latest inventions

When it comes to 21st technology japan Nobel winners in the natural sciences, Japan ranks second only to the U. Technology japan more important than these numbers are what the scientists have been able to accomplish with their hard work and insights, especially when it comes to technology japan.

Since then, Omura has studied thousands of microbe samples from dirt he collected around the world and discovered more than organic compounds. The aim, it says, is to allow the user to achieve the perfect chewing habits. Quite why we need to do this will presumably become clearer in time.

Earprint to replace the fingerprint? Thought your fingerprint was secure?


Researchers at Michigan State University last year proved it can be hacked using little more than an inkjet technology japan.

Developed technology japan US-based technology firm Descartes Biometrics, it works like this: Firstly, the user downloads the ERGO software onto their smartphone. The user lifts the device to the side of their head and presses the center of the touch screen on their ear.

A sound technology japan then sent into the ear, and due to the "unique geometry of the ear," the sound that is echoed back is specific to each individual. ERGO uses sensors embedded in modern Android smartphones, meaning no additional hardware is required.

Authentication takes about one second, and the company says, improves with use, storing up to ten scans of the user's ear.

Japanese Technology in Your Palm / JapanGov - The Government of Japan

Omron artificial intelligence AI Automatic Transportation Mobile Robot machines are designed to work together in factories. It technology japan Apple after all not Technology japan that came up with the Ipod and Iphone. Japanese are obsessed with the newest thing and the latest technology.

Air conditioners technology japan controlled by remotes; televisions speak in English and Japanese; cars tell you where to go; and robots are everywhere. In automated Japan, taxi doors open and close automatically, airports are cleaned by vacuum cleaners that operate without human help and parking lots have talking ticket-taking machines.


Japanese scientists are currently trying to develop cars that can drive themselves. The Chikyu was at anchor about kilometers off Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi Prefecture, to technology japan the focal regions on the seabed around technology japan Japan Trench, which is believed to have generated huge tsunami on March 11 last year.