This thread is dedicated for news, updates, discussion on history of Tamilnadu. Simple chronology of history considering the peak rulers of the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. With a rich experience of thirty-two years of teaching History to Under graduate and post graduate at perumal. Tamil Nadu, state of India, located in the extreme south of the subcontinent. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the east and south and by the.


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The governor is aided and tamilnadu varalaru by the Council of Ministers, which is led by a chief minister and is responsible to the elected unicameral Legislative Assembly Vidhan Sabha.

Most of the ministries are housed in the 17th-century Fort St.

History of Tamil Nadu

A bench tamilnadu varalaru the High Court is located in Madurai. The state is divided into more than two dozen administrative districts, each administered by a district collector. Lower administrative and revenue units tamilnadu varalaru called talukas, firkas, and villages.

Panchayats village councils are responsible for local self-government and rural development. The state has largely brought leprosy under control, although thousands of cases are tamilnadu varalaru treated annually.

Various government agencies sponsor programs to improve the housing, education, and economic status of the Scheduled Castes and other traditionally disadvantaged groups. tamilnadu varalaru

tamilnadu varalaru The state also provides assistance to women, children, and tamilnadu varalaru with disabilities. A special insurance program is available for those with autism, cerebral palsyand other developmental disabilities.

Education Tens of thousands of public and private primary, middle, and high schools are scattered across the state of Tamil Nadu.

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In addition, there are numerous arts and science colleges, medical colleges, engineering colleges, polytechnic institutes, and industrial training institutes. Tamil Tamilnadu varalaru near Thanjavur Tanjorein the eastern part of the state, focuses on the study of Tamil languageliteratureand culture.

Cultural life Cultural milieu Hinduism lies at the core of the culture of Tamil Nadu. The gopurams, or gateway towers, of such temples are dominant in most towns, particularly ChidambaramKanchipuramTamilnadu varalaruMaduraiand the Srirangam pilgrimage centre in Tiruchchirappalli.

Noteworthy also are the car festivals, during which large chariots decorated with religious icons are taken in procession around the temple.

Tamil Nadu | History, Map, Population, Capital, & Government |

tamilnadu varalaru In addition, Tamil Nadu is scattered with sectarian monastic institutions, or matha s—of which the most important are the Shankara Matha at Kumbakonam and the Vaishnava compound at Srirangam—which hold various activities; Hindu families typically owe allegiance to a number of such institutions.

Painting and sculpture are less prominent, although there are schools that teach the art of sculpture in stone tamilnadu varalaru bronze.

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Tamil literature rapidly adopted the Western literary forms of the novel and the short story. The tamilnadu varalaru Subrahmanya Bharati — tamilnadu varalaru one of the first to modify traditional Tamil poetry by blending popular and scholastic literary styles. Motion pictures are the most prevalent form of mass entertainment.

There are both touring and permanent movie theatres, and sentimental and spectacular films, often featuring music and dancing, are produced by the film studios situated largely around Chennai.

History of People and Their Environs: Essays in Honour of Prof. B.S. Chandrababu - Google Livros

Picturepoint, London Media and publishing Hundreds of periodicals are published in Tamilmost of them daily newspapers. The Dina Thanthi is the leading paper. Among English newspapers, The Hindu of Chennai is widely read and is respected for its high tamilnadu varalaru of journalism. tamilnadu varalaru

History The tamilnadu varalaru of Tamil Nadu tamilnadu varalaru with the establishment of a trinity of Tamil powers in the region—namely, the CheraCholaand Pandya kingdoms—all of which are of unknown antiquity.

These kingdoms enjoyed diplomatic and trade relations with distant lands.


The Pandyas were mentioned in Greek literature dating tamilnadu varalaru the 4th century bce, and in the 4th century ce, the Roman emperor Julian welcomed a Pandyan embassy.