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ERP 9 gives complete support for all types of GST invoices and transactions, for all types of businesses.

Tally ERP 9 Tutorial with Examples

Purchase and sales management Be it purchase or sales orders, debit or credit notes, keep your books up-to-date with Tally. ERP 9 which tracks and manages the purchase and sales cycles completely. Multi-currency support Have business operations, or customers and suppliers outside India?

ERP 9 lets you define the tally erp 9 tutorial notes of currency, and standard selling and buying rates before calculating Forex. You can adjust gains or losses in Forex that occur due to daily variations in currency rates by simply recording a journal entry.

However, she does have a small share of end consumer customer base. She wants to diversify her business and venture into retail sales, and therefore wants to track if it is tally erp 9 tutorial notes.

How Tally handles it? ERP 9, the distributor can categorise her sales into retail and distribution sales. By the click of a tally erp 9 tutorial notes, she can filter the sales transactions done for retail customers and know the sales and profit achieved through retail sales.

Scenario You want to custom create your invoice numbers in a chronological format. You wish to have the current year in the bill as an identifier. You want the invoice number to sequentially increment based on the format you prescribe. Use the advanced configurations for voucher numbering and specify the year either as a suffix or pre-fix to your voucher number format.

ERP 9 accordingly positions the voucher number. Additionally, specify the width of the numeric part, and pre-fill the invoice with zeroes if your format requires. tally erp 9 tutorial notes


Scenario A computer assembling unit procures the necessary components only after receiving orders from customers. At the time of raising the sales bill, tally erp 9 tutorial notes to the unavailability of the items, the sales bill will be raised for negative stock.

Although the sales bill is recorded, once the purchase of these items is recorded, the inventory books are updated, and negative stock is adjusted instantly. Scenario Consider a firm that sources water bottles from a fixed vendor.

The firm raises a blanket order for bottles per month for an average consumption of bottles tally erp 9 tutorial notes week, and makes a monthly payment for bottles. The firm raises a delivery note every time a batch of water bottles are delivered.

Towards the end of the month, one consolidated sales invoice is recorded, tracking all the delivery note vouchers and the payment is made. Scenario You placed an order for water bottles.

You decide to cancel the order but only for the undelivered stock.

ERP 9, you can pre-close an order by the click of a button. You can record the reason for pre-closure for later reference. The details of all such pre-closed orders are available in a report.

Scenario Velocity Electronics is into both sales and service of air conditioners.

Tally GST Course - Free tutorial with Notes and Videos - Teachoo

The business needs to raise a service bill for maintenance of air conditioners. In case of sales, they need an invoice to record the item details.

When recording transactions, Velocity Electronics can record an account invoice when a service bill for maintenance is recorded.