Sweet Valley Confidential is a shlocky nostalgia fest Trojan-horsing a downer perspective on what it means to be stuck forever and always with. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later [Francine Pascal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A New York Times Best Seller! Now with. “SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL,” by Francine Pascal (St. Martin's. pp. $). There was a time — and if you did not live through this.


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Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later by Francine Pascal

For somethings sweet valley confidential myself, staring down the barrel of middle age? It's time to recapture that comforting pre-teen innocence. As soon as I returned to my apartment, I plopped on my couch with my new possession and flipped to Page 1.

Elizabeth described sweet valley confidential orgasm on Page 7. When did this goody-goody turn into Carrie Bradshaw?

Then she sweet valley confidential loose with vile language that would make Charlie Sheen wince. And as if there were any doubt that the lipglossed, acid-washed jeans era were over, she also quoted Beyonce and Justin Timberlake in the first chapter.

'Sweet Valley Confidential': A Bittersweet Return | HuffPost

Facebook, Twitter and Perez Hilton all get not-so-seamlessly dropped into the narrative as well. My favorite twins had turned into obnoxious and duplicitous adults. Apparently no one is allowed to be happy. And anyone sweet valley confidential may have originally sweet valley confidential from SVH has turned into a big dick.

I expected to enjoy this as the usual over-the-top, soap opera stories I remember, but revamped a bit. Sadly, I was left feeling underwhelmed, disappointed, annoyed, and rather pissed off.

For one thing, I could not buy the main betrayal -- view spoiler [Jessica and Todd?! In what surreal dimension does that make sweet valley confidential kind of sense?

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This broke the book for me. How can I believe anything else if this doesn't ring true. A passionate affair, sure.


A one-night stand, why not? But sweet valley confidential 'til death do us part nonsense? Not when it's almost always been the Elizabeth and Todd, "made-for-each-other" type of thing.


And I mean that in a Sweet Valley way, which we all know is not steeped in any form of actual reality, so my standards are quite low and I expect the extraordinary sweet valley confidential overwrought. So from this point on, which is within the first two chapters, I struggled, but somehow managed to read on.

I admit, I gagged more than few times throughout the book.

Sweet Valley High - Wikipedia

Who wouldn't when faced with sweet valley confidential such as this one, "And what faces they were. The kind you couldn't stop looking at.

He once dated Jessica, which ended badly as he cheated on her and made them bitter rivals. Later he dated Regina Morrow, who helped him become a bit more sincere, but after her death he fell back into his arrogant routine.