Life on Other Planets. In EU 1 (AC ), Emanuel Swedenborg writes: By the Lord's Divine mercy I have had my interior faculties, which belong to my spirit. One of Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg's most controversial works, Life on Other Planets recounts his otherworldly conversations with spirits from the. Emanuel Swedenborg, who had much to say on the afterlife and the spiritual meaning of scripture, spoke often of human spirits he had.


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See The complete works of Emanuel Swedenborgand come join us in the community of the New Jerusalem Saturday, April 27, Swedenborg and Life on other Planets In swedenborg life on other planets visions of the afterlife, Swedenborg encountered many who had departed from this earthly life, and for over 25 years he was allowed to explore the spiritual world.

But there is one observation he made that even took him by surprise: When examining critiques of Swedenborg, this is one of the points that always comes up - his opinion that other planets, swedenborg life on other planets those of our solar system, were once? We now know that all the planets of our solar system are definitely uninhabited, so since Swedenborg was wrong on this, the logic goes, he was wrong on everything else.


Book closed, people move on. It is unfortunate, for people take this one issue and based on that reject everything else.


Shouldn't we all reject Swedenborg's visions as a part of his imagination since he swedenborg life on other planets concluded other planets in our solar system were inhabited?

Obviously, I know of this opinion of Swedenborg, and I blog on other topics concerning the revelations on Christian theology, so what gives? For one, I know that there are certain branches in the military that take UFOs seriously.

Swedenborg life on other planets is a classified subject, but much information on this has leaked out, from people in the military and scientists who have worked with them. I will mention one big leak that came out: The Day After Roswell, by U.

Life on Other Planets - Emanuel Swedenborg - Google книги

Army Colonel Philip J. At one point the book was going to be endorsed by a U. Senator but that was blocked by the government. There is one race in particular that Swedenborg encountered that may correspond to these UFO reports, but that is another subject.

Life on Other Planets

For me, it is a matter of curiosity, and I consider theological and spiritual principles to be more important. But since critics swedenborg life on other planets Swedenborg take this one issue and reject everything else altogether, I thought it was time to address this now.

I think these accounts were shown to Swedenborg for a reason, and in the near future, when we do realize there is human life on other planets, people will see Swedenborg in a new light.

Secondly, let us take a look at the past to see how narrow minded people have been on this subject: Then we realized we swedenborg life on other planets around the sun, and everything does not revolve around us.

Then we realized we were part of a galaxy, where our sun revolves around a distant galactic center. Then we realized there are many galaxies.

It used to be taught that our solar system was "probably the only one that has planets. So it is quite narrow minded to think that our planet is the only one with life on it.

Life on Other Planets by Emanuel Swedenborg

Raymond Moody, author of Life after Life, who ruminates on how modern science is validating some of Swedenborg's assertions. Born in Stockholm to a staunchly Lutheran family, he graduated from the University of Uppsala and then traveled to England, Holland, France, and Germany to study the leading scientists of the time.

And it would seem that these probes are interested in what is underneath the surface