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The tone of the opening Verses of the blessed Chapter reflects that the Noble Prophet S is Divinely called unto steadfastness and preparedness for an immense obligation acting upon which requires spiritual growth.

The blessed Verses say: Stand in prayer all night, except surah muzammil complete little.


He is urged to rise at night, since his foes are asleep at the time and people desist from following their daily routines, hence further preparedness for meditation and spiritual growth. The clause "stand at night" surah muzammil complete al-layl is contrasted with "sleeping," though it does not surah muzammil complete denote standing up.

Surah al-Muzzammil | Imam Amin Ahsan Islahi

Firstly, mention is made of all night, except for a little, then the time span is reduced to half of the night and then to less than half. Some exegetes hold that choosing amongst two thirds, half, and a third of the night is herein surah muzammil complete, as the closing Verse "Your Lord knows that you stand [to pray at night] a little less than two thirds of the night, or half the night, or a third of the night" reiterates the same statement.

It is worthy of note that the last Verse clearly reflects that the Noble Prophet Surah muzammil complete was not alone in "standing at night", but a group of the believers accompanied him in such spiritual growth and had recognized him as their model in this respect.

According to this view, there is no exception in terms of the nightly spans of time, rather some nights is hereby intended.


Nonetheless, such interpretation is not seemingly surah muzammil complete taking into account the single nominal form "night" layl "half or less than that. The "weight" alludes to the weight in the scales of deeds and their accounts on the Day of Resurrection and finally the burden of complete implementation of such plans.

I have already elaborated on this aspect at some place in this exegesis. Just as for the material life of man, breathing is essential, for his spiritual life, remembering God is essential.

The body dies if breathing stops. Similarly, if a person becomes indifferent to God, his soul surah muzammil complete lifeless.


It is God's remembrance that keeps it fresh and alive, surah muzammil complete the life of the heart is real life. It also needs to be kept in consideration that surah muzammil complete people towards religion, and reflecting on the signs of God present in the world within man and those without, are also included in remembering the Almighty.

I have explained this aspect at more than one place in this exegesis.

In fact, it surah muzammil complete not be an exaggeration to say that this reflection is the most superior form of remembering God because through reflection remembrance becomes really meaningful. In the absence of reflection, remembrance becomes merely an exercise of the tongue, and is not beneficial to the life of a person.

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I have already alluded to this aspect under the following verse of Surah Al-i 'Imran: You have not created this in vain. Glory be to You!

Save us from the torment of the Fire, 3: Readers can look up its explanation. It involves isolating oneself from people and seeking refuge with God's mercy. In this verse, the Prophet sws has been told how to cope with his distress at seeing people shunning the surah muzammil complete and at being hurt by them: For this purpose, the only thing that is required is to remember His name.

When he does so, the Surah muzammil complete will Himself enshroud him in His mercy.

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It needs to be kept in mind that all names of God reflect His attributes, and it is on these attributes that the edifice of religion and faith stands. If a person keeps fresh the true knowledge of these attributes, he will find himself surah muzammil complete backed surah muzammil complete such a large army that the army of Satan will appear trivial compared to him.

He will find himself to be firmer than mountains.