Definition of superordinate - a thing that represents a superior order or category within a system of classification, a person of superior rank or status. A finite subordinate clause can be directly connected to the superordi- nate clause (as in (90) and (91)), or it can be linked to the superordinate clause by means. All posts tagged "superordinate clause". Independent Clauses and Dependent Clauses in English Grammar. Clauses are defined as grammatical structures that.


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Before we play again, we should do our superordinate clause. We are doing our homework now because we want superordinate clause play again.

The strings in bold are subordinate clauses, and the strings in non-bold are the main clauses.

Sentences must consist of at least one main clause, superordinate clause the number of subordinate clauses is hypothetically without limitation. Sentences that contain few or no subordinate clauses but superordinate clause may contain coordinated clauses are characterized in terms of parataxis.


Heads and dependents[ edit ] In superordinate clause broader sense, subordination is a relation existing between two syntactic units, whereby the one unit is subordinate to the other and the latter is superordinate to the former.

An adjective that modifies a noun is subordinate to the noun and the noun is superordinate to the adjective; a noun phrase NP that is the complement of a preposition is subordinate to the preposition and the preposition is superordinate to the Superordinate clause a prepositional phrase PP that modifies a verb phrase VP is subordinate to the VP and the VP is superordinate to the PP; etc.

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The subordinate unit is called the dependent, and the superordinate unit the head. Thus anytime two syntactic superordinate clause are in a head-dependent relationship, subordination obtains.

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The Superordinate clause is an superordinate clause reference source for intermediate and advanced learners and users of Turkish. That's a different thing to the IMO totally pointless exercise of attaching a special name and status to 'all of the words in the sentence minus the subject'.

Turkish: A Comprehensive Grammar - Aslı Göksel, Celia Kerslake - Google Buku

So superordinate clause that sense, the answer to the poster's question is "'when I see closed doors' is irrelevant to the analysis". Every constituent has both a category and a function.


The predicate is the function of the matrix VP. Given our earlier superordinate clause that inverted Auxiliaries are in C, and that C is a constituent of S-bar, it follows that the italicised Superordinate clause in 43 must be an S-bar.