Available in National Library (Singapore). Author: Zainon S. Ahmad., Length: vii, p. ;, Identifier: Get this from a library! Sulalatus salatin (Sejarah Melayu). [A. Samad Ahmad.;]. The Malay Annals originally titled Sulalatus Salatin (Genealogy of Kings), is a literary work that gives a romanticised history of the origin, evolution and demise of  ‎Compilation history · ‎Contents · ‎Significance.


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Sementara kuasa dan kekuasaan pula amat berhubungan dengan kelahiran undang-undang dan amalan adat istiadat yang mengukuhkan atau mengawal keutuhan takhta.

Sejarah penulisan buku yang sulalatus salatin tentang panduan politik kenegaraan Melayu boleh disusuri semula melalui karya ketatanegaraan yang lahir di istana Aceh Darussalam pada abad ke, seperti Nasihat al-Muluk, Taj al-Salatin dan Bustan al-Salatin.

Karya yang menerima sulalatus salatin daripada tradisi politik kenegaraan Islam tersebut mengandungi pelbagai panduan bertulis tentang pembentukan keperibadian raja dan pembesar dan berperanan sebagai sulalatus salatin adab kepimpinan mapan kepada mereka dalam melaksanakan pemerintahan negara.

Sulalatus Salatin : Sejarah Melayu

Hakikatnya hampir semua karya yang memerikan sejarah politik kesultanan Melayu lahir pada zaman penjajahan Barat di Alam Melayu dan hal ini menimbulkan persoalan tentang tujuan tersurat dan tersirat penulisan sulalatus salatin tersebut sebagai benteng ketahanan politik kenegaraan Melayu.

Karya-karya besar yang terhasil pada satu-satu zaman mengandungi kepelbagaian maklumat tentang konsep negara, tokoh pemimpin, suara rakyat sulalatus salatin pengajaran moral yang berhubungan dengan politik yang berlaku pada masa lalu.

This sulalatus salatin subsequently enlarged by various stories and historically relevant material which was inserted into it in suitable places, but at the same time it lost its dates. Induring the Portuguese attack on Johor Lamawhere the exiled sultan established his base, the sulalatus salatin was seized by the Portuguese soldiers and brought to GoaPortuguese India.

However, historian Abdul Samad Ahmad provides an alternative view, suggesting that the manuscript was returned from GowaSulawesi instead of GoaSulalatus salatin.

Malay Literature of the 19th Century - Siti Hawa Hj. Salleh - Google Buku

His argument is based on the fact that during Melaka's era as an important regional entreportit had established a strong trading and sulalatus salatin ties with regional kingdoms, including Gowa, and some copies of Hikayat Melayu could have been spread to Sulawesi long before the arrival of Portuguese.

Although Tun Sri Lanang manage to worked a bulk of the Sulalatus salatin in Johor, he completed the work during his captivity in Aceh. Inthe English translation of Raffles MS no.


It is considered as a sulalatus salatin long text, primarily based on Abdullah and Dulaurier's version but containing extracts from other texts as well.

They begin with a genealogical account of the first sultan of Melaka who is said sulalatus salatin be descended from Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain. The Annals cover the founding of Melaka and its rise to power; its relationship with neighbouring kingdoms and distant countries; the advent of Islam and its spread in Melaka and the region as a whole; the history of the royalty in the region including battles won or lost, marriage ties and diplomatic relationships; the administrative hierarchy that ruled Melaka; the greatness of its rulers and administrators, including the Bendahara Tun Perak and LaksamanaHang Tuah.


The Annals conclude with the account of Melaka's defeat by the Portuguese forces inresulting not only in the downfall of Melaka, but also in the eventual re-emergence of the Melakan-modeled sultanates in sulalatus salatin parts of sulalatus salatin region, including Johor, Perak and Pahang.

The Annals also describes how Singapura got its name. He lost the island kingdom after falsely accusing and punishing one of his concubines for adultery. Her father, Sang Rajuna Tapa, who was also an official in Sri Iskandar Shah's court, acted upon his family's holdings, changed sides and opened the way for a successful Majapahit invasion that ousted Sri Iskandar Shah.

The last ruler of Singapura, Sri Iskandar Shah fled north and later founded Melaka and introduced court ceremonies, laws and regulations which sulalatus salatin the basis of Melaka administration.